If you and your partner have finally decided to go ahead with family planning then let me tell you there are some things that you need to dump, something that you need to inculcate in your life and something’s that you need to change completely. Of course, when you are trying to have a baby, your doctor will advise you all the best possible things but when it comes of taking extra care, you need to make sure that you follow all the stringent rules and regulation of lifestyle and dietary changes for better future.

Plan and then take action:

You may hear thousand different things from people but you need to make sure you plan well and then take a right action. You can write your goals for having children and understand how you will be achieving them. To have a healthy baby, you need to plan on when to visit doctor, from when you need to start with baby planning and from when you actually want your kid to even start going to school. Long term planning is important before you take action as it can help you mentally and financially.

Visit your doctor:

Your doctor can help you with pre pregnancy planning and ensure that you have a healthy journey of having a baby. When you have finally made up your mind to nurture and love the new born by giving the baby a life then certainly, your doctor can tell you on how you need to prepare your body for pregnancy. Doctor will guide you with simple steps that you need to follow for improving the preconception health

Check gums

Good oral health is related to a healthy pregnancy. Gum disease can pave way for low or under weight babies. Therefore, schedule an appointment with a dentist if you have any gum problems

Quit smoking and drinking

All of us are aware of the fact that smoking or drinking is a strict no during the course of pregnancy. They are bad for the baby and can lead to health problems for the baby when he becomes older. But now days the situation is that drinking or smoking can make it difficult for you to get pregnant and the chances of a miscarriage increases all the more.

Reduce the intake of caffeine

Drinking about 2 cups of coffee a day significantly increases the chances of a miscarriage. It would be a good idea to switch over to decaf as it will reduce your cravings for caffeine.

Change your lifestyle:

If you tend to smoke, drink or have any kind of abusive environment then you need to stop that immediately. It is important that you have a healthy change in your lifestyle and ensure that all sorts of toxic substances around you are well eradicated from your lifestyle. It is important that you take help from the health care experts like treatment and counseling that can prove a great support to you.

You might come across tons of baby planning book and of course there are therapists and counselors for your help. But try to speak with those who recently have become mother. Know their experience and learn from it. They can be the best adviser for you and of course your mom will always be a better guidance.


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