There are numerous water borne diseases that one can face by drinking unsafe and contaminated water. Especially in countries like India, the water supply has full of dissolved materials and contaminations and this can kill several people a year.

That is why; people needs water purifiers these days to have safe drinking and healthy life. One can take help from aqua guard service Pune to get a better idea about water filters and how to choose one for their regular use. If they do not use water purifiers then these are the diseases one can suffer from.


It is a water related disease which can actually kill a person within hours if it is left untreated. This can happen due to a bacterium known as vibrio cholerae. This bacterium is mainly present in water and food and it can spread from the faeces of a contaminated person. The major source of this bacterium is either ice or municipal water. This bacterium can release toxic materials in the intestine of a human being which cause heave loss of water from the human body.


This disease is mainly defined by the loss of heavy water and watery stool. The most common cause of diarrhoea is consumption of water which is fully contaminated with bacteria, virus, and other micro organisms. Studies say that every year more than 1 lakh people of India die due to diarrheal infection and all over the world this can sum up to a million.

Typhoid Fever

It is a fever that happens due to bacterial infection and this is caused by a bacterium named salmonella typhi. This bacterium gets deposited in the water bodies or in the food items and one gets affected by it after consuming them only.


It is a kind if bacterial infection which is mainly caused by a bacterium known as campylobacter. This bacterium also enters the human body through contaminated food or water and it directly affects the intestine by causing swelling. One can get severely affected by it if they drink contaminated water or food items.


This is a viral infection and this particular kind of infection is of five types. They are Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. Out of them, two types of hepatitis can occur by drinking contaminated water and they are Hepatitis A and E. It can also happen if one eats contaminated food items.

Viral Gastroenteritis

Another disease that happens because of contaminated food and water. This again directly hits the intestine and it results in water loss from the body, vomiting, stomach pain and occasional high fever.


Another infection that directly hits the intestine and it is mainly caused by a micro organism named protozoa. When this happens, one suffers from loose motion, abdominal cramp and stomach pain. It is a very common disease in this country.


When this happens, the teeth lose its shine. This happens due to high consumption of fluorine and if one drinks regular tap water then this can easily happen.

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