In the simplest of terms, the third wheel is additional security, and there is hardly any individual who couldn’t use a bit of extra security. Many crave for the adrenaline kick of riding a scooter, yet take a step back when thinking of the accompanying dangers. A subtle loss of balance or control, while on cruising speed, and your entire life ahead could be ruined. The risks at stake are simply too high to give into a momentary adrenaline delight. The simplest solution to this conflict is a 3 wheel scooter.

The benefits of a three-wheel scooter

Better balance: One need not delve much deeper into this beneficial aspect of a three-wheeled scooter. With an additional wheel, which can be either rear or front, it provides its rider maximum stability and balance, eventually reducing the chances of falls at sharp turns, sudden stops and rush hour traffic. Additionally, with your balancing and stability concerns taken care of, you will experience a laid-back riding experience.

Multiple utilities: A major advantage of 3 wheel scooters is its ability to blend in for various purposes. Understandingly companies make various types of scooters to befit various purposes. Say, for instance, a scooter with a less aggressive and light-weight make is a perfect fit for your kid to start learning to ride. Differently able individuals who have difficulty balancing also aid significantly from urban 3 wheeled scooters. Additionally, when rigged with load carrying structures, these scooters can even be used indoors for industrial cargo carrying purposes. With recent innovations, three-wheeled scooters are also popularly manufactured with an electric mobility variety. Using a rechargeable battery for electric power generation (instead of fuel,) these three-wheeled scooters will take you to your destination in time whilst avoiding the compromise on environmental footprint.

Joyride: Instead of opting out the orthodox urban three-wheeled scooter, go for the ATV types that come with a strongly defended body, broader wheelbase and a beastly engine. As you take the grip of the beast of an engine you are riding, feeling its roar beneath you and exploring through varying terrains, you will find yourself coming across new definitions of being liberated.


Long ride friendly: The three-wheeled scooters with double front wheels are the most prominent for long rides. Your average scooters, due to their design and lack of engine power fail to survive the pangs of a long ride and neither does it manage to make the experience comfortable for you. The 3 wheel scooters, however, are generally marked within 200 – 350 cc and can comfortably belch out a 34 horsepower, and 13Nm at 55 rpm, which for a scooter is very decent and makes it long ride friendly.

With Multiple areas of application and a variety of manufacturing types, three-wheeled scooters are a vehicle that is worth considering at every step of your regular lifestyle. Manoeuvring through the busy city streets, trampling the rugged terrains, cruising over miles of a pitch, the first riding lessons for your kid, aiding your differently able friend, increasing the efficiency of the workflow at a supply warehouse or gifting your society an eco-friendly riding.

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