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The Big Question Is Online Therapy Just As Good As Visiting Your Therapist’s Office

Online therapy has grown extensively over the last five years with many qualified medical personnel treating, through text messaging, the internet and video monitoring. The growth of Telemental Health has been phenomenal but has still left some people wondering if it is a better option for them than the traditional face to face therapy.

Advantages of online Therapy

  • Stigma: -The likelihood of any stigma being attached to a person receiving mental health therapy is reduced as no special arrangements have to be made to visit a professional’s office and there is no chance anyone will see you visiting such offices.
  • Expenses:-In comparison it is clear that text therapy is considerable cheaper than traditional therapy office visits.
  • Commute:-The time taken to often commute to a traditional office can be off putting for some people. Of course commuting can also be expensive .This is particularly if you live in a rural area.
  • Comfort:-It is of course more relaxing in the comfort of your own home. This will assist many patients in opening dialog that they would have felt uncomfortable raising in a traditional office atmosphere.
  • Face to Face:-A lot of people will not be comfortable telling a therapist face to face their problems.
  • Many people who have a positive reaction to online therapy may be easier persuaded to try Face to Face therapy if required.

Disadvantages of online therapy

  • Needs extensive therapy: If a patient requires more extensive therapy and particularly possible drug intervention then a more traditional face to face office therapy session may be required.
  • Suicidal thoughts and Actions: It is sometimes difficult for a therapist who is not face to face with their patient to actually decide if a patient requires immediate intervention.


Most reputable online companies will only take on experienced therapists. Most prefer therapists with a Master Degree.


Studies have shown that in some instances online Therapy is in fact more successful than face to face.

Studies of forty-five defence personnel suffering from PTSD after 9/11 showed that after a month of online therapy there was a much higher success result than those using in person groups, these improvements continued after six months and in fact were much more successful than the face to face therapy.

A study by doctors dealing with patients with CCBT therapy in Pittsburgh concluded that in fact on line therapy combined with online internet group sessions were more effective than traditional office therapy.

Text based Therapy

Any patients have indicated that they prefer text-based therapy to having to face a therapist face to face and discuss personal feelings and anxieties. Text therapy also allows both patients and therapists to pause and consider responses. Text therapy also allows for an easy record to be kept of conversations which can be referred to at any stage.

There is defiantly still a place for face to face therapy and indeed many people still prefer it. However, in some instances it has shown that online therapy can be just as productive and, in some instances, even better. The choice of how to receive any therapy needed should be based on personal choice and complimentary factors.

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