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How Would You Choose The Best Quality Security Doors?

Security Doors?

Security door is an essential part of a house, they not only protects your home from intruders, but they also increases the aesthetic look of your house. You need to choose the best security doors for your house, and analyse your security requirements to choose the door. You can look around your area and determine what kind of security door your need. For example, the crime rate of your area is on lower side then you can choose a decorative wooden door. But it is better to choose a metal security door for your safety because you can avail various benefits of these doors. Choosing the right security door is a daunting task, consider the following things in this regard. 

5 Things to Consider While You Choose Security Doors: 

#1. Manufacturer of the Door: You need to choose the best brand or manufacturer for your security doors. They can provide long-term warranty on their doors. You must choose a manufacture that has a dealership and service centre in your locality. You can choose a foreign brand, but you cannot claim any warranty for your doors. You must check the reviews and reputation of the manufacturer before you choose. 

#2. Steel or Aluminium: Security doors are mostly available in two types, such as steel and aluminium doors. Steel is stronger than aluminium, and steel doors can last longer. But they are available in limited designs and they may not suit your home. Unfortunately, steel doors are not corrosion-resistant and weatherproof. So, you can choose the aluminium doors for your property. Check the grade of the aluminium before you buy and always choose a door made of 316 marine-grade aluminium. These doors come with stainless steel or aluminium mesh, which will give you an additional layer of security. 

#3. After-Sales Service: It is a main problem with the manufacturers, and most of them have bad reputation for their poor after-sales services. You can buy a security door with long-term warranty, but if you do not have their service centre nearby, then you cannot avail their warranty. Even, some manufacturers have lots of terms in their warranty paper and you need to spend a lot to avail their warranty. So, make sure, you must check their warranty terms and choose a company that has a service centre in your city. 

#4. Corrosion Resistance Capacity: You must choose a security door which is corrosion resistant. Most of the doors come with power coating, but such coatings cannot last for years. They make the security door frames of metal tubes, and they can be sand blasted, zinc primed, or power coated. If you live in a hot region or coastal area, then you need to choose a door which is sand blasted. These doors have greater heat resistant capacity and they do not get affected by moisture or high humidity. 

#5. Locks and Handles: You must check the locks and handles of the security doors before you choose. You must choose a door which has a branded lock. Most of the manufacturers offer extended warranty on their locks and you can check the same before you buy. Apart from that, avoid such locks, which are surface mounted, because you cannot replace these locks in the future. If you find any issues in these in-built locks, then you need to replace the door with a new one. 


Security doors are available in various colours and designs. You can customise your door according to your needs. You can search such doors online and choose the best one for your property. 

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