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5 Best Window Types Recommended By Architects

Window Types

Are you in the market for a new set of windows? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Finding the right blend of style, value, and efficiency can be a challenge, but with a little research, you can find the right solution for your home.

Keep reading to learn about the 5 best window types you should consider!

  1. Single-hung Windows Offer an Economical Choice

With single-hung windows, you get a popular and less expensive option. What differentiates single-hung windows from double-hung windows (more on those later)? You can only move the bottom portion of the window — but this keeps things easier.

And if you’re looking to do the work yourself, following a few window installation tips can make all the difference. After all, you want to make sure that your window is installed properly so you can enjoy it!

  1. Try Casement Windows

With casement windows, the windows swing out from the wall on a hinge. Casement windows work in a variety of spaces — including ones that are not so easy to reach — and they are simple to use. Their clean design makes them especially appropriate for homes with a more contemporary architectural style.

Try casement windows in your kitchen or other places that are prone to being drafty. These windows are known to be sealed well and effective at keeping your space insulated.

  1. Double-hung Windows Remain Popular

With double-hung windows, you get two panes of glass within a frame. In most double-hung windows, springs on either side allow you to open them easily.

These windows mesh well with more traditional home designs and their affordable price makes them an attractive choice. Some users believe that these windows are more effective when it comes to creating airflow versus a single-hung window.

  1. Bay Windows Offer a Panoramic View

If you’re looking for a window that shows you more of the outside world, look into bay windows. Bay windows consist of multiple windows that combine to form a rectangular shape. Usually, two smaller windows surround a larger central window.

These windows are ideal if you have a lot of wall space — and some pretty scenery on the other side. Be aware that bay windows tend to cost more and take more expertise to install.

  1. Window Types Also Include Skylights

Don’t overlook skylights as another option when it comes to windows. If you’re low on functional wall space to punch out a window, skylights offer a solution. They can let in light from above to create more brightness. 

If you have an interior room or just like gazing at the stars at night, these windows are a good addition to your ceiling!

Find the Right Windows

Finding the right window can take some time, but it’s important to find a window that meets your style needs and budget. With so many window types, you’re bound to see one that works in your space.

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