Radiant heating systems are a very modern way of supplying heat to a building. The process works as heat is fed directly to the floor or ceiling of a property and works in the same way as a radiator might, in that the heat comes from a hot surface.

There are many benefits to using Chicago in-floor radiant heat:

  1. Efficiency

In the past, forced air heating (I.e. that which uses a fan and forces hot air out into the atmosphere) has been a popular choice. However, because air has to be forced, this type of heating can be very inefficient and also very wasteful

  1. Hypo-allergenic

Whilst forced air uses the process of moving air in order to transfer heat around a room, radiant heat does not. This makes it a kinder process to those with severe allergies as the pollens and other allergens which would affect or irritate them are less likely to be moved or disturbed.

  1. A More Natural Solution

Of course, many people find that they don’t like the idea of a heating system which forces air to be warmed and then processed, simply because they would prefer to keep the practice of heating their homes as natural as possible. Therefore, a system which depends on the natural convection of the room is seen as much more appealing to them. The natural convection of the room involves warm air rising and being replaced by cool air. As this cold air is then placed down near to the source of the heat, it becomes warmed and the process continues.

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