Most of the times homes and other official properties and corporates become the victim of pest and rodents which becomes a daily nuisance. Some food articles, items, parts leftovers which are forsaken perchance becomes a route for entry of these pest like flies, ants, insects, mosquitos and many big rodents like rats and mice.

On a hygienic basis these is not a good thing as these pests can leave a trail of diseases, bacteria’s  and many other harmful micro organism which can leave a unhealthy diseased floors and property. Sickness and common colds and flu’s can be infected easily and there are high chances as these germs can be easily transported through the air that we breathe, they can even get stuck on glass, plates, pens, notepads etc. so, it is very important to have a regular pest services which helps maintains the hygienic of the corporate and residences and cleans the bacterial platforms.

Pest control reading services offer advice on pest control in domestic properties & ways of controlling other pests.

Key Features of the Services are –

  • To have a complete assess of the problem pertaining to rats or mice in both corporates and residential
  • Treat with poison and bait in appropriate areas
  • Re-visit the property as many times as possible up to three times to check whether the poison or bait has been taken and that the rat or mouse problem is reducing
  • To see that the issues with regards the pest has been resolved
  • To remove the infestation which is located in lofts, cavities or under floorboards and whichever places which is impossible for you to reach
  • Carry out wok in different places like houses, building and gardens which are the easy places for them to hide
  • Start a second course of treatment in order to remove the pest and rodent nuisances
  • Start a third course of treatment with further investigation and work which removes the pest infestations forever.

The standard charge for the pest control and removal is £72 and there is also a concessional option for customer’s pest control reading passport in which the charges are £46. Other pests like cockroaches, wasps, bedbugs are no treated by the pest control reading.

For many visits, the customers will have to pay, as the infestation may be very strong and requires two or three visits for proper removal and cleansing of the entire property. Besides this the pest control reading services also provides some counseling, guidance and precautionary measures on how to stop further infestations like fact sheets about,

  •        Ants factsheet
  •        Bedbugs factsheet
  •        Cockroaches factsheet
  •        Feral pigeons factsheet
  •        Fleas factsheet
  •        Flying fleas, bee factsheet
  •        House Flies and maggots factsheet
  •        Mice Factsheet
  •        Silverfish and woodlice factsheet
  •        Squirrels factsheet
  •        Wasps factsheet

These fact sheets can help the customers to know more about their harvesting and infestation methods and this can help them take precaution in the future and reduce such infestations.

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