Looking after your windows starts by keeping them bright and shiny. A thorough window clean is recommended at least twice a year. That might sound like a nightmare of a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some expert window cleaning tips from the professionals to ensure your windows are always letting the sunshine in and remain streak-free:

  1. Use two scrubbers

It’s always good practice to use two different scrubbing brushes or cloths, one for inside and one for out. That way you’re not carrying outside pollutants inside your home, such as bird poop!

  1. Simple detergent

You don’t need to spend a fortune on specialist window cleaning formula. Simple liquid dishwashing detergent works just as well. It cleans dirt and grease and leaves the glass nicely slippery for your sponge or cloth to slide over easily. It also contains no harmful chemicals so is safe to use outside near plants and inside where you might have children and pets. Many chemical products only end up leaving a visible residue on the glass anyway.

  1. Go natural

If you prefer to use all-natural products, then vinegar is a great window cleaner. The acetic acid in vinegar cuts through grease and doesn’t leave streaky marks. It couldn’t be easier to mix up a container of half vinegar and half tap water to effectively clean your windows. If you’re thinking of investing in new double-glazed windows, then you’ll want them to look new and amazing for as long as possible. For Double Glazing Leicester, visit absolutewindowsolutions

  1. Squeegee

If you’re using a squeegee with a blade, then a 12-14 inch one is an ideal size. Ideally, you’ll want to put a new rubber blade on after every clean to avoid streaking and contamination.

  1. White cloths

You should have two of these, one for wiping window sills and another for wiping the edges of the glass. You don’t want to be wiping sill dirt back onto to your sparkling clean windows!

  1. Technique

Using the water/detergent solution, wipe the whole window with the washer. Using the squeegee, wipe the window in an ‘S’ shape. Keep the blade flat on the surface of the glass when you do this. Use a cloth to wipe the edges of the windows where the squeegee might have missed and to avoid leaving water marks.

  1. Exterior stains

If you have stubborn stains on the outside of your windows, like tree sap or adhesive, then a pad of very fine steel wool will do the job of removing it. Make sure the glass is lubricated first, just a squirt of window cleaner will work. Using the steel wool, buff away the stains.

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