Whether you are cleaning out the garage, refurbishing a business, or freshening up an office space, your storage solutions matter. We all have items that we need to access easily or store away safely, and shelves are a popular choice. They are durable, effective, and perfect for any space large or small.

Small rooms in particular can benefit from great storage solutions and a bit of deign consideration, such as those suggestions made by BBC Homes.

However, storage solutions can perform a decorative role, too. With a few of the easy tips below, you can create an attractive shelf display that stores items effectively whilst showing them off visually. Try it today!

Similar But Different

Consider grouping items together that have a similar purpose, even if they are not identical. Files, folders, and notebooks could go together, for example, or screws, nails, and tools. They may not look symmetrical, but studies have shown that this is not always the most pleasing to the eye. Varying heights, designs, and textures can be just as eye-catching. A uniting theme, such as what the items are used for, is not only practical but can also keep things visually cohesive.

Safety First

A great shelf display can look appealing, but it should also be safe. Bending shelves with loose screws, damp wood, or other hazards not only looks untidy—it is also dangerous. Be sure that you have the right storage solution for the objects and weight you are working with.

Check out suggestions from reputable companies such as, who are well-known for industrial shelving in Ireland, or another experienced provider. A well-maintained, appropriate storage solution will look great and keep everyone safe.

Form and Function

Carefully considered shelf displays look great and save you time and energy. Everything has a place and can be returned there after its use so that you always know where to find it. Shelf displays have both a functional and aesthetic role, so why not embrace it? Do not feel that everything on display has to be exclusively functional. Why not add a decorative touch with art, ornaments or plants? You do not have to overcrowd the space or make use of every inch, but a few attractive details here and there can make all the difference and express your personality.

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