Gone are those days when you needed to search a firewood dealer in the local market who would ask any random price for firewood. Also, there was always a doubt of getting inferior quality firewood because of the absence of other possible options. The e-commerce business model has changed this perception. Now you can search online firewood with your smartphone or PC to place an order. It is a very convenient and reliable way of online shopping if you know a genuine seller. However, one must have knowledge of identifying the right quality of wood for burning. This article has some information that will guide you to find a seller who can provide good quality stock.                  

How to identify the right quality of firewood

Know the difference between hard & softwood

On the basis of density and burning capability, there are two kinds of woods i.e.:-

  • Hard firewood
  • Soft firewood

All species of trees come in these two categories that you need to identify carefully while ordering. The species of hardwood & softwood vary from location to location. For instance, the red gum and ironbark are the hardwoods of dry regions. On the other hand, birch, apple, and maple are the hard firewoods of cold regions.  Visit the websites of sellers to check the stock they are offering.

Always prefer hard firewood

The hard firewood is a great option for burning purpose because of its density. The molecules of hard firewood are tightly packed that makes it a long lasting fuel. One can easily differentiate between hard & soft firewood with its weight. Also search for the wood online that you are ordering to know about the features like texture, color, and smell. It gives you an idea of where to buy firewood of good quality. Also, the species of hard firewood release less smoke as compared to most of the soft firewoods. It is an ideal fuel for both indoor as well as outdoor locations because of the less smoke.

Kiln dried firewood is more reliable

Kilns are like ovens for firewood where it is treated for around 5 to 6 days. Drying firewood in sunlight is a traditional way which is still effective but not at a commercial level. When there is a huge demand for firewood in winters, many dealers cannot fulfill the demand of seasoned firewood. Consequently, they sell moist wood that releases smoke more than flame. While exposing to the sunlight, it takes at least 2 months of natural seasoning. If you want a reliable stock of firewood, prefer a dealer who sells the kiln-dried stock. Before accepting the delivery of firewood in Sydney, ask them to check the moisture level. It must not go above 20%. More water results in high smoke, inconsistent burning and more weight.

Explore multiple options

While searching for firewood for sale in Sydney, you need to check all possible options before placing the order. Not only the websites but also check the rates of a local vendor. There is huge competition in the online market. Therefore, many sellers offer firewood at discounted prices. Search for the sellers who are providing free delivery and attractive offers. Also, exploring multiple options will give you an idea of the average price of firewood in the market.                                

Now you have gained enough information about the identification of good quality firewood. The online sellers can be good options and also hassle-free. However, confirm that the firewood you are ordering is ethically sourced.

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