Insignia strive to provide you best shower and steam experience. The reason behind this is Insignia’s products are updated and equipped with all the modern and latest technologies. This factor makes Insignia the number 1 steam shower providers in the nation. Keeping in mind everyone’s necessity Insignia packed its products with the latest innovative features. Insignia steam shower provides you with refreshing morning and relaxing evening baths. This steam bath was originally started by Roman People. Ancient roman baths has served many communities within the Roman Society. These roman baths were used by everyone in Rome, regardless of their socio economic status. These baths were supplied by underground water or natural hot springs.

Difference between Insignia Steam shower and the sauna:

Many people are unsure the differences between the steam shower and the sauna. Let us discuss briefly about the difference in both.

Saunas: The Sauna is generally designed for dry sessions and is usually made of wood. Saunas do not use steam generators and heated vapor, but instead utilise hot stoves located inside to generate the heat. Temperature is high compared to the steam shower i.e. between 1580 F to 2120F. Preferable for people who do not like moist heat and utilise dry heat sessions.

Steam Showers: The steam shower is designed for hot vapor health treatment and is usually made of glass. They feature an in-built steam generator and the temperature is between 1150  F to 1200 F. Humidity is very high. It is preferable for people who cannot endure dry heat. Towels can be used depending on the etiquettes.

Material of Shower Cabins:

This is one important point that must be considered while making a choice of shower cubicle. The doors are generally made of glass that can be transparent or matte. If your bathroom is not spacious use sliding doors. Single or double doors are used for large bathroom areas.  

Shower cubicles are not only limited to wood. They can feature tile, fiber glass, acrylic and stone. The pallets are made of synthetic material, artificial marble, ceramics, iron or steel. All these materials require roper maintenance.

Whether you are installing an open cabin or closed cabin, space requirement is one important thing to keep in mind. Always remember the cabin should have a minimum dimension of 80× 80cm. If you don’t have enough space in your bathroom you can remove your bath tub and can install a shower cabin. If you have enough space then a steam shower cubicle along with your bath tub or a steam shower bath will give a look of royalty to your bathroom.

Features of Steam Shower:

Steam Showers are preferable for people who generally prefer steam rooms and do not endure dry heat. It is highly preferred for people who are suffering from chest congestion, asthma and sinus irritation alongside other breathing problems.

Modern steam shower cabins are equipped with many interesting additional features like music, foot massagers, television, ceiling rain showers, CD player and aromatherapy.

They combine different functions like therapeutic salons, massage and Turkish bath. Some cabins also feature chromo therapy which is represented by way of a special illumination source positioned in the cabin.

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