The French window and doors combination has now been over taken by glorious glazing which transforms every home.  

These new systems can turn previously dull or dark areas within a home into a light and airy space. With the greater demand for more natural light in homes by the consumer as well, anything that can help to provide ease of access to outside and bring the outside in has become a winning combination. Innovative sliding door designs have also allowed us to get more from our homes, ensuring that terraces or exterior spaces are no longer seen as an add on- but rather a central part of our homes.

Folding Doors are probably still the best when it comes to getting rid of that division between internal and external living space. The concertina effect which allows the door fully retract allows for that seamless movement between two zones.

Bi-folding doors are however not always an option and might not look great in smaller openings. Sliding doors thus remain an ever popular arrangement for the home. Instead of thinking of it as a doors, consider it as a sliding wall of glass which can then be opened as you please. With this different mindset, it is easy to see how the doors add additional value, such as natural light, energy saving and most importantly movement.

Unless you have quite a large house, many people do not have sliding doors on upper levels, but this is where they provide real value in properties abroad. Lots of bedrooms will open up to balcony areas and access here is vital. They are often accompanied by fly screens which allow for fresh air in the room during the warmer months, but limit the opportunity for flies and bugs to get into the rooms.

A misconception often associated with walls of glass is that they cannot be incorporated easily into traditional homes, and that their appeal comes in homes that are modern. This however is not true and you can very easily, if planned correctly, add even more character and appeal to a traditional establishment. By making the glazing a feature of the homes, you can completely reinvigorate areas of the house, allowing for better views, greater use of space, and even create a room of escapism. The trick with all glazing is to take advantage of natural angles within the home so a more traditional property that has character could enable some stunning views and arrangements.

So, what was once the mainstay of many home projects, the French door has now become a thing of the past as sliding and folding walls of glass become the sought after thing. If you are interested in finding out how to add these types of items to a property, it is always worth speaking to a professional sliding doors company who can advise on every element.

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