In the harsh economic climate of Australia, many customers now prefer to lease properties for both residential as well office purposes. Some of these lease periods can extend over a long period and may involve a substantial amount of moving. One of the most important factors to be considered at the end of the lease period is the end of lease cleaningThe cleaning process can take substantial time and involve lot of manpower, depending on the size of the rented establishment. In order to get back the entire bond amount which a party has to submit before the start of the rent period, the property needs to be returned in an acceptable condition. end of lease cleaning goes a long way in ensuring that the property is returned in an acceptable condition. 

The Following Steps Should Be Considered While Taking on Cleaning at The End of The Lease Period to Ensure That the Entire Bond Amount Can Be Received Back. 

1. Record the Initial Condition of The Property: It is very essential to keep a record of the initial condition of the property, in which it was rented. This helps in avoiding any sort of conflicts at the end of the lease period with the landlord regarding damages.

2. Taking Precautions: In order to minimize the end of lease cleaning, it is advisable that adequate precautionary measures are taken to prevent any unwanted damage to the property. An adequate set of such measures can go a long way in preserving the initial condition of the property.

3. Taking Necessary Note of Any Required Repairs: Keeping a track of any repairs that need to be done and informing about them to the landlord in time can reduce the extent of the end of lease cleaning to be done.

4. Fumigation If Pets Have Been Present: In the event of any pet being present during the lease period, it is absolutely necessary to fumigate the property before returning it to the landlord. This is done to remove any traces of pest or fleas which might have been present. It can be done easily by employing a professional flea handling agency.


5. Steam Cleaning Your Carpet: For all properties which come equipped with carpets, steam cleaning during the end of lease cleaning can be a good idea. This is a good way of returning the carpet to the original pre-lease condition.

6. Hiring Professional Property Cleaners: There are a number of agencies which professionally hand any sort of property cleaning. Employing one of these professional agencies helps in easily completing the cleaning process and restoring the property to the original condition.

7. Keeping A Record of The Condition of The Property After Final Cleaning: Keeping an accurate record of the final condition of the property helps in comparing it with the initial condition in which the property was rented and helps in sorting out any disputes with the property owner regarding damages.

8. Adhering to The Agreed Terms and Conditions: One of the most important things to remember while the end of lease cleaning is to ensure that all the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease agreement have been met. This can include the agreed coverage of the cost of repairs which had to be made or an agreed condition in which the rented property was to be returned. 

Usage of rented properties is now at an all-time high, as it is more convenient and economically viable to lease a property rather than buy one. Therefore, proper maintenance of the condition of the property at the end of lease period is important. end of lease cleaning is one of the most important steps which help in restoring the property to the pre-lease condition.


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