More often than not, the garage is the very last place in the house that gets much interior design thought put in to it. However, increasingly more consideration is being given into how this space can be used.

How to improve the use of your home garage

1. Making it smart. With so many homeowners incorporating smart technology into their homes to monitor and change temperatures, use security systems and use speakers throughout the home, there’s also the opportunity for smart management in the garage. Smart garage technology can include fire and smoke monitors, moisture detectors and garage lighting.

2. Charging it up. With the increase in the number of e-cars being used on the road, it’s safe to say that when they are at home they will need to be charged. There’s an emerging trend for at-home charging stations as they are more convenient than public charging stations.

3. Open and shut case. Modernising the garage door is a great way to improve the overall aesthetics of your home. Choose a modern steel or glass door, which according to homedit can bring about a good return on investment when modernising your home. If you aren’t looking to invest in a new home, make any repairs needed with garage door repair in Biggleswade. Also make sure it’s secure with.

4. Floor it. Most people won’t think about the flooring of a garage, but to modernise the space a good-looking and durable floor is essential. Putting down Polyaspartic flooring will make the room feel so much different, really integrated within your modern home, whilst being easy to clean and maintain.

5. Make it work. Once your modernised garage is nearing completion, you might find that you actually want to spend more time in there. This is the perfect space for creating a workshop area for projects big and small.

Space is always on trend

One thing that a garage always needs, and so it hasn’t been included in the hot trend list, is space. Every once in a while you’ll get the overwhelming urge to declutter the garage. Make sure you have plenty of room and good storage facilities to ensure that it doesn’t have to be decluttered every few months. Start from scratch to design the best storage solutions.

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