Procurement of the correct goods and services are essential for the construction industry. If you do not pay attention to the right materials, you will land up with a poorly constructed project. This again, can be dangerous for the occupants of the building in the future. There are chances of the building collapsing and injuring someone if the materials used for building the project has not to be checked correctly during the procurement process.

Reddy Kancharla – Understand the procurement process

Reddy Kancharla is a qualified civil engineer with several years of rich experience in the construction industry in America. He has a certification in quality documentation (ISO 9000) and Quality System Auditor (ISO 9000) from the Bureau Veritas, Dubai, UAE, in 1994.  He is widely respected for his knowledge and leadership skills in the construction industry. He says when you are involved in the procurement process; you must pay attention to- 

  • Procuring materials, goods, and services on time.
  • Make sure the materials are of the right quality.
  • Make sure the prices of these materials are reasonable and fair. 
  • Minimize and curb risks.
  • Materials must be according to the satisfaction of clients. 

The construction project must be scheduled and planned. Along with the financial parameters and timeline, the procurement process needs equal attention as well. Planning must be done, and the steps below must be followed-

  • The official plan for procurement must be created.
  • Bids and proposals must be invited for evaluation. The construction manager’s experience with the contractors, engineers, local designers, and suppliers plays a part here.
  • Contracts are awarded, and they must be signed. Here, service providers, suppliers, and contractors are selected. The schedules for construction procedure schedules need to lay down the process and the time as to when these resources should be managed with clearly defined milestones. To accelerate the process, you can use software available in the market for construction management.
  • The administering and the supervision of the building with its management of contract compliance, change orders, tracking performance, evaluation of the quality, and more needs to be taken into account.
  • Contract closure and debriefing is the last step. 

In the opinion of Reddy Kancharla a plan for procedure management will lay down the above steps and give direction to the building project. If you do not have a good plan in place, you will land up with a construction project without an organization. The building materials should be suitable in quality to ensure no accidents occur. Everyone is aware of the steps involved in the process, and they know what their specific duties are. You must note there is a big difference between the procurement plan and the contract plan. The latter relates to the documents involved in the construction project as well as the remuneration paid to the workers. Therefore, when you are planning construction projects, pay attention to procurement planning too so that the quality of the construction project is not compromised. It can be completed on time also!

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