Irrigation is one of the key needs, when concerned to the agricultural, landscape and now a day even domestic gardens. Descriptively for crops, horticulture, plant nurseries, public landscaping and individual gardens and lawns, to keep them healthy and the foliage lustrous enough, regular watering is one of the primary needs. Likewise, the pipeline laying and installation of spray jets and micro sprinklers is one of the activities everyone is enlisting as the first ‘to dos’ even before preparing the fields to plough. Along with sprinklers and spray jets, one more product which has lately been earning much liking, and have proved itself path breaking is an irrigation filter.

However, yet many people do ignore its use still, ignorant of the facts and benefits it can possibly add to ones irrigation system.

  • Irrigation filters allows a thorough passage of water through the pipelines, ensuring only water to be delivered to the end point.

  • It not only filters the debris, twigs and other unwanted entities often gets into the pipelines along with water, but the filters containing ion exchange resin membranes which does a primary level  filtration and purifies water from the excessive hardness.

  • These filters are equipped with hydro cyclone screen filters which hold back the sands usually are considered not much healthy for crops and gardens.

  • Most of these filters come with flush valves, which are very useful for self cleaning and stays totally out of the main pipeline.

  • They maintain the required pressure for the irrigation by supporting non blockage.

Philmac, widely known as a pioneer in manufacturing of valves, pipelines and irrigational sprinklers and spray jets do provide a great range of irrigation filters, which are compatible to get fixed in any type of pipelines especial in BSPs’. Philmac further have brought various ranges of them starting from plastic, PVC, stainless steel etc. Philmac assures a impact resistant, UV resistant and corrosion resistant product make which serves a lot of delight to the users. Although irrigation filters are a simple, light weight & compact thing and can be installed very easily, it is pretty obvious that most of us will intend to install it for a long duration expecting a longevity and efficiency at par to the brand name. Philmac says ‘so be it’, over again even in their range of irrigation filters and spare parts. You know the effects once you use them. To learn more, please visit

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