If you are in a trouble and no one is there to help you out then you can use these non-lethal weapons till the help arrives at you. There are so many types of non-lethal weapons and are available online also. There are so many sites that provide these non lethal weapons for sale with good prices that can be affordable by any type of persons. Some of the non-lethal weapons are here that will help you out when you are alone.

  1. SABRE® Red 2 Million SHU Flip-Top Hard Case Pepper Gel Black

Types of weapons are manufactured by the company in the USA. It weighs approx 0.25 oz and is very much durable in use. These types of products come up with a dark blacktop tip with a plastic bag. It can help you to fire up the target from 12 ft away. It is build up with a key ring that no one gets the idea whether it is a pepper spray or a key ring. These are the most used products that will help you out in protecting yourselves from the culprits.

  1. TASER® PULSE Subcompact Shooting Stun Gun w/ Laser

These are the tasers that help people in protecting themselves till the help arrives at them. All these types of shooting tasers for sale if you buy them online. These taser guns when shot out throw two electrodes that get clinged to the culprit’s body to defend them down and to make them injured so that they cannot run. These taser guns can be shoot out from 15ft away distance and are very much durable and affordable that a person can easily buy them.

  1. TASER® X26C Police Stun Gun w/ Targeting Laser

These taser guns are the best guns that are made up of flashlight technology. It can be shot from 15ft away from the target and are proved the best taser guns. These guns are made up with two activation buttons that will help to activate the gun after the gun is facing towards the front direction you have to shoot the middle button. When the middle button is shot 2 electrodes will come out that will cling to your target and the target will get a shock that will not make him able to stand. This is how you can shot your target with the help of these taser guns. These taser guns are made up of 2500- 2500mah battery and it allows the users to use this gun 5 hours continuously and also gives 1005 tasers shots but only if the gun is fully charged.

This is how you can use the taser guns or stun guns safely and these were the three topmost items that will help you out in protecting yourself till the help arrives at you. You must make the proper use of these items. If the police find that someone is making the wrong use of these products he/she will get an imprisonment also. So use these items safely for your safety until the help of police arrives at you.

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