If you grew up in a big family, or if you have a brother or a sister, then you would know what it means to make them angry. This especially your brother, because boys/men get angry fast. A sister might go silent, treat you differently, taunt you for years to come. With a brother the reaction is going to be immediate and aggressive. So if you have missed out on giving them a gift on their birthday maybe, or probably forgot to wish them on an important day of their life, you should make it up as soon as possible so that no one has to go through that outburst.

Things to do to please an angry brother

The thing with brothers is that they are easy to please. You do not have to go through much trouble to please them. One gift and a few kind words is all it’s going to take. So if rakhi is coming up you can a really good rakhi and a gift to accompany it, and everything will be sorted out. You’ll see the frown on his face turn upside down immediately. And now shopping for these things is so much easier. You can easily send rakhi gifts online. You can spend pracitcally 10 minutes of your life and find the perfect rakhi to end a year long feud with your brother. Some of the things that you can try to please an angry brother can be

  • Sit them down and talk about what went wrong and how to fix it. This works with everyone and not just brothers
  • If your brother is a foodie, which most guys are, take him out for a nice meal, which can fix a lot.
  • Get them a gift or help them to buy something that they have been after for a long time
  • Fix them up with one of your girl friends.
  • If you have some festivities coming up, like rakhi, then things become easier. You can buy rakhi online and help cheer them up instantly.


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