As any true dog lover will tell you, dogs experience the emotions of pain in almost the same nuance as humans. Separation anxiety, depression, fear and the other negative feelings that come from shocking life events like an unexpected separation are real in your pet. Fortunately, there are real solutions that can bring your dog’s emotional roller coaster back into balance. Let’s take a look at the root problem of dog anxiety and how you can fix it.

What is Dog Anxiety?

Dog anxiety is an umbrella term, but there are actually many different feelings that you should know about when observing anxious behaviors in your pet. Your dog may experience anxiety through any of the following:

  • Phobia – a response to a stimulus, such as a thunderstorm
  • Anxiety – the unwarranted or warranted fear of some future danger
  • Withdrawal/idiopathic fear – reserved for anxious effects with no known cause; can be attributable to the genetics of the dog

If a dog is experiencing a mild fear or anxiety, you may observe one or more of the following symptoms.

  • The half moon eye – a sign that your dog would rather be left alone
  • A single paw raised – often misinterpreted as being cute; the dog is actually not happy
  • Trembling – general shaking for no reason
  • Tail tucking – the dog will not wag its tail and will hide it
  • Passive escape behaviors – the dog will often look around or stare at openings and entryways

Dogs that experience more serious fears or anxieties may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Panic – active escape behavior
  • Uncontrollable motor activity – the dog may injure itself with sudden movements or bumping into hard objects
  • Self-mutilation – your pet may bite or scratch itself to the point of injury
  • Excess waste – your pet may experience an uncontrollable need to urinate or have diarrhea

ZENCRATE: Intelligent Engineering for Dog Anxiety

In many cases, there is very little a human can do for an anxious dog. In the case of forced separation as on an extended business trip, the owner cannot physically see the dog. On the other hand, if the dog is made nervous because of some stimuli, the mere presence of the owner may not be enough to calm the pet.

ZENCRATE is the stylish new solution for anxious dogs and their worried owners! Designed by engineers with a true love for our canine friends, this creative new smart dog crate is the first holistic solution on the market specifically made to calm anxiety in dogs. ZENCRATE offers music and WiFi to keep you in touch with your pet across the world.

Not only does the crate respond in real time to the needs of your dog based on signals from your pet, but the architecture of the crate makes it seem like a natural part of your interior design. In truth, the ZENCRATE more resembles a piece of luxury furniture than a crate. These are just a few of the advantages that have pet owners excited about the possibilities of the ZENCRATE all over the world!


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