There is no shortage of jewellery options for women.  They usually like to collect various forms of diamonds for their special moments of dressing up. Diamonds are very versatile and can be worn with just about anything. A bracelet is a unique gift at times because people are usually focused on rings and necklaces. Even earrings seem to get more attention than bracelets. However, a beautiful bracelet can really add to an elegant outfit.

The Traditional

It seems bracelets are rarely seen in the everyday world and are reserved for the formal night out. There are some ways to fit them in nicely to the casual and professional wardrobe of your special lady, however. Think classic and traditional; daily wear should be subtle and not too big. A quality tennis bracelet can really attract compliments. Diamond bracelets are easy to find and come in many beautiful forms. Tennis bracelets are usually a collection of small diamonds that wrap around the entire wrist. There are also some more modern designs.


As with rings and necklaces, diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. They can even come on a bracelet. The new twist on tennis bracelets incorporates round diamonds with a slight gold border. The spacing on these can vary, adding a different touch with each change. The round cuts are much dressier looking and are a great surprise gift for a night out on the town. There is nothing better than the surprised face of your special girl when she sees her beautiful new piece of jewellery. Take the guesswork out of picking out the bracelet by leaving a few different pictures of diamond jewellery around the house to see what she responds to or comments on.

The Metals

The metal choice on a bracelet usually ends up being whatever blends in the most with the diamonds; however, there are some exceptions to the rule. Like any other piece of jewellery, it pays to take a look at what your woman wears the most. With a little observation, you can purchase a piece that will complement her collection nicely. Look for yellow or white gold to see what will match her current choices. Platinum is a more expensive choice, but often chosen for its prestige. The lesser-known, rose gold has a beautifully pinkish tint that brings out the inner princess in all who wear it.

With a little background work and some clever observations, you can be sure to find the right bracelet for your special someone. There is no reason to feel intimidated by the many choices. Many women simply like to see a guy take the initiative to pick a piece of jewellery for her. You will be her hero if you come up with a selection that compliments her present taste in jewellery. Look over the different metals and diamonds available before you make a final decision. Your sweetheart will be forever grateful for such a sweet gesture. Be ready to get voted boyfriend or husband of the year after giving the gift of a beautiful diamond piece.

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