Bangalore presently known as Bengaluru is presently the capital of Karnataka. This place has become the IT hub of India in the last few years but this city also is a mixture of culture, architecture and nature.

When you are visiting Bangalore, there are some exciting things to do. Here are some reasons that you should pay the city a visit soon.

Visit Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

This palace is located in the City market and with elegant pillars and the teak wood works makes this palace a brilliant construction to visit. If one takes a walk inside the palace, they will get to see a lot of scriptures, historical paintings which can take one back to the older days when this palace was full of life.

Water Rafting in Dandeli

Have you ever heard of white water rafting? If not, then see and experience it here. This happens around 450 kilometers away from Bangalore. The sport is a pure adrenaline rush where one has to raft through swirling waters and if you are a bit faint hearted, then this sport is definitely not for you. This happens at River Kali, which is located at Dandeli and it is surrounded by lush deciduous forests. There is a 12 kilometer rafting zone which is open for all the adventure lovers and they are so well organized that even an inexperienced person can also take part in it. The best time to go for rafting is from October to February.

Journey to the Nandi Hills

This is located at a height of 4851 feet above the sea level and one can get to see some breathtaking views around from the top. This hill is full of Lantana and Eucalyptus trees. There is also a restaurant at the hill top where one can have lunch. Also one should not miss the popular wine tour here. The vineyard is located at the Nandi hills and it has a calming atmosphere with a pleasant weather. One can taste some great wine here and strolling through the vineyards is a beautiful experience.

Pay a visit at the national Gallery of Modern Art

Well, if you are an art lover, then you must do this. This one is placed in a colonial mansion with a garden around and it has a collection of features from 18th century and also some modern and temporary works of artists. Also do not forget to have a cuppa at the cafe present in the premise.

Natures walk at Cubbon Park

This place is a piece of green at the heart of the city where one can get their dose of fresh air. This place is a wonderland for the nature lovers, joggers and walkers. Also people can laze around here on weekends. This place is also a kid’s paradise.

Boating at Ulsoor

This lake covers an area of 125 acres and one can have a lovely evening there while boating and watching the sunset.

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