The road trip is oft considered a baptism in the outdoors and open roads that will wash your tiredness away.  Whether one envisions a ‘coming of age’ ritual depicted in the movies or a quick adventure that breathes life into the corporate existence that everyone has a love-hate affair with, a long drive in a car is always a soothing experience, as eventful and memorable as the destination itself.

Bangalore is blessed because of its proximity to some of India’s most pristine and alluring wilderness areas. It is close to cultural hubs like Mysore and Karnataka also boasts seaside getaways like Udupi and Gokarna.

Choose Freedom with Car Rental

The wanderer within yearns to break free, but obstacles lie in many ways. Not everyone owns a car, or even if they do, it might just be a timid city car more accustomed to a trip to Phoenix Mall than the vigours of an off-road jaunt into the bushes of Coorg. Travelling on one’s own terms is the best way to fully enjoy a journey. Photo opportunities lie abundant in the many country roads, along with quaint tea stalls and eclectic detours. Would a serious traveller want to miss all this? More and more avid travellers are skipping the bus. Modern car rentals provide the comforts and privileges of self-driving at very reasonable costs. From cosy hatchbacks to sturdy SUVs, a range of cars is at the disposal of the well-informed traveller.

The Privacy Factor

To enjoy complete privacy for a trip, it is wise to choose a self drive car rental. Bangalore is home to modern car rentals like Zoomcar which provide 24/7 on-road support, adding an assurance of security for the planned road trip. All girl groups, couples and families would especially love this option, as it ensures an uncompromised experience away from the inquisitive eyes of co-passengers in a train or bus.

Costs and Convenience

Getting a self drive car for hire is not an expensive affair. Customised plans for long road trips ensure that one is not paying a premium. Plans can be changed in between, so there is a direct correlation between spending and actual driving done. This flexibility is not available with chauffeured taxis, which request flat and exorbitant rates. Security deposits are the norm with car rentals, but minimal amounts ensure that it is just an afterthought.

The modern car rental has also adapted new tech to increase automated procedures. App-based booking and billing provide transparency and convenience to the user. A reputed car rental provider would provide customers with well-maintained vehicles complete with basic insurance and all-India permits, so those interstate journeys are a seamless affair.

Enjoy Privileges, Avoid Liabilities

In a city where living costs are going up by the day, car rentals provide relief in many ways. One can enjoy a lifestyle that includes the privileges of car ownership, without actually investing in the liabilities that come along with it. Scenic road trips to the hills and beaches of South India are no longer just the domain of vehicle owners. With the touch of an app, one can start turning an itinerary into reality.

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