Traveling The Tropics

Traveling anywhere new is exciting. There are different sights of traditional buildings, strange smells of local work places, so many exotic cuisines to taste, and the sounds of other dialects and languages. Every sense is cascading with new information and although it is exciting, this can also be nerve-wracking. It is even overwhelming and having a quiet place to recuperate when needed is vital. Hotels and inns can become sanctuaries for short periods of time.

Sights for All the Senses

There are many different places to visit in Indonesia from the capital, Jakarta, to the Gitgit Waterfall where a hiker can connect with nature. Tropical destinations are excellent for those who enjoy lush greenery, bright culture, and warm and sunny beaches. These cities are used to tourists and showcase their unique culture during festivities and in locally owned shops. Even when the work day is over, the beaches of coasts and islands are open for relaxation and play.


Tropical storms are also common in these paradises, however. Safe places are needed to weather a storm and sleep without fear of the unknown. While there are likely many local inns with excellent service, hotels will generally be more comfortable to travelers as they are more familiar.

Most every hotel will service their residents with not just a bed to sleep in but also room service, food service at some level, security, and cleaners who will take care of your room while you are out. Higher-quality hotels will offer additional services such as laundry, massage rooms, fitness gyms, and other amenities. These bonus amenities vary depending on the size and quality of the hotel but when in the tropics, which are common tourist destinations, you will likely at least get a free breakfast and a pool to relax in.

Not only do hotels offer basic services but some offer unique activities or atmosphere such as the hotel in Seminyak, Bali, an island in Indonesia. These destination hotels are known for famous waterfront views, spas, and decor that mixes the local tropical architecture with modern leisure. Not only does the staff keep your room clean and stocked with clean towels but they strive to make your stay at their hotel a vacation as much as the tourist destinations do.

When trying to decide which hotel to book a room in, it is easy these days to search online yourself or trust your travel agency to book a room for you. While you can try to book a room in person, if you are traveling during any tourist season, you will not find many openings. Online reviews will give you a decent idea of how well maintained the place actually is. It is also a good idea to research ahead of time what amenities are offered in each hotel. It may not matter to some people who only plan to sleep in their rooms but even an indoor pool can be a sanctuary for when you need to get away from the crowds.

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