Taking time out with your family is very precious and when considering a holiday together, it’s important to get things right. A vacation with children needs to have plenty of activities and things to do to keep them happy. If your family is one of those that just can’t get enough of the great outdoors, a holiday in Turks & Caicos should shoot to the top of the list.

Never heard of Turks & Caicos? You soon will have. When the secret of this wonderful paradise island in the sun finally gets out, why not be able to say you’d got there first?Here’s the run down on why it makes sense to focus your holiday hopes on this perfect corner of the world…

Where is it? 

Anyone who assumes Turks & Caicos are a chain of Caribbean Islands are technically wrong. Whilst the whole atmosphere and flavour of the laid back island chain is distinctly of a Caribbean style, geographers who are sticklers for detail will tell you it is actually in the Atlantic Ocean. Don’t let this put you off at all because its closer geographical proximity to mainland USA makes it quicker and cheaper to get to than its further flung Caribbean neighbours. The forty islands and cays that make up Turks & Caicos lie 550 miles south east of Miami –  who knew paradise was so close?

What will we do?

What do you want to do? Anything goes here in Turks & Caicos and if you just want to lie on the white beaches and sink into a good book, nobody is going to stop you. If you and your family are seeking more fun and adventure, there are plenty of things to do. Being an island destination, most of the activities are based in and around the crystal clear waters. Water sports are hugely popular and snorkelling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking and windsurfing are all options. Spending a day out on a chartered   . Whether landing majestic tuna fish out in the deep sea or anchoring up on uninhabited cays for a beach barbecue, GS Fishing are keen to show you the best bits of their island home. Land based adventures such as horse riding, cave exploring, cycling and hiking are all readily available, too.

What will we see?

As soon as you step off the plane onto the tarmac you will be able to drink in the tropical landscape. Turks and Caicos boasts palm fringed beaches that go on forever, crystal clear turquoise seas and an unspoilt and relatively under developed interior. Lovers of the natural world will be overwhelmed by what’s on offer in terms of wildlife. Both beneath the sea and on dry land, you are in for a treat.

Bring a snorkel with you because Turks & Caicos has many reefs to explore. In the coral rich waters you will spot rays, turtle, starfish and a huge array of rainbow coloured tropical fish. If you visit at the beginning of the year you may be lucky enough to spot a whale or two as they make their migration past the islands. The best vantage points for whale watching are Grand Turk and Salt Cay.

Is there a wide choice of accommodation?

Grace Bay Beach on Provo is a good place to start looking for accommodation. Here you will find the biggest range of places to stay. Do you want a spa style resort, hotel, self catering condominium or private villa? Whatever you need, you can find it here. The scale of the touristic development on Turks & Caicos is restrained and low key which gives the place an unspoilt and quiet atmosphere. Of course, there are discos and entertainments a-plenty to be had (they love their live music here!), but if you are looking for anything approaching Ibiza style night-life, this is not the place for you.

Is the food tasty? 

Being an island, a lot of what ends up on the dining table is harvested from the sea. Fish is presented on the menu in a number of ways. Turks & Caicos is home to the globe’s only Conch Hatchery and visitors to this unique farm can learn all about how the Queen Conch shellfish is bred and nurtured in the local waters. Afterwards, you may even fancy sampling a Conch Fritter or some tasty Conch Chowder.

For a family holiday that delivers on outdoor activities, stunning surroundings and a welcoming local population, Turks & Caicos doesn’t disappoint. For precious bonding experiences, relaxed fun and a real change of scene, family holidays don’t get much better than paradise found on Turks & Caicos…

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