These days garden art has increased with many new beautiful outcomes of varieties of stones, marbles, slate paving, cascade stone, blue stones, interlocking pavers etc. which has beautified many pathways of gardens and outdoors of office and houses. Slate paving are stones having flat base like slate with different hues and colors; texture and material which are placed outdoors as a substitute for floor or like floors.

Supply of slate paving, the slate paving supply are huge and in demand. It comes in various forms and ranges also differ. Natural stone slate paving comes in flagstone, ledge stone, and rock boulders which are durable, attractive and you can do it yourself also.

Some markets kits provide do it yourself (DIY) patio kit which includes all the materials one needs to complete small garden pathway. Ideas and methods of designs are provided in the kit.

Supply of Slate Paving

Most of the supply of slate paving comes from stone merchants and sand merchants as they are well known in making paving of different kinds using stone, wood, slate etc. and selling them to other small shops designed for selling slate paving etc.

Some of the companies supply natural stone paving including limestone, sandstone, granite slate and vitrified paving, stone walling, patio flagstones & slabs, topsoil & turf, trellis, slatted screens & sleepers, topiary & planters. The firms provide slate paving worldwide to all customers including garden designers and landscape contractors.

There are some companies which supply natural stone paving from lime stones and sandstones to slates, granites and real English York stone. Ranges vary from Stone market garden, landscaping and driveway paving alike for all customers.

A number of different companies and merchants are involved in supplying Slate Paving of natural sandstone and limestone sourced of high quality; Market stone Grey-Multi riven sandstone paving is quality grey-blue sandstone that is both durable and hard wearing. The shade of grey is a good color and the stone is lightly riven.

The supply of slate paving includes free National delivery. Some merchant’s delivery range includes range of sandstone, limestone and slate paving with large stocks of paving and patio stone.

Slate Paving Market

The supply of slate paving market has gone ahead in improving the quality of their slate. Some of the slate paving range exceeds the British standard. Our natural sandstones slate paving are high quality quartzite sandstones supplied in single and mixed size. The supply of slate paving in the international market has 30% off on retail prices including natural walling stone slate, blue pennant sandstone slate, blue lias limestone and slate. Merchants also stock a huge amount of natural stone paving and offer a wide variety of products from a simple cobblestone slate to huge monoliths.

Many other unique slate features materials ranging from granite to quartzite with different colors, size, textures etc. Materials granite and come in a range of colors and textures. Stone Merchants supply reclaimed stone walling slate paving, cills and coping etc.

The supply of slate paving has been enhanced with free national delivery to retailers is a good offer.

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