Corrugated trimming extraction systems are not a recent discovery. It has seen extensive use in the industrial sector around the world for more than two decades now. It is an important mechanism that enjoys a high position in the priority list of industries that are looking for efficient means to extract corrugated trimmings from ambient air within the manufacturing plant.

These extraction systems are highly effective when it comes to safe removal of fine particulate matter from the ambient air of industries. These efficient devices find extensive use in:

  • textile mills
  • shot blasting units
  • printing press
  • cardboard manufacturing lines
  • metal and chemical fabrication units, etc.

Working principle of corrugated trimming extractors

Corrugated trimming extractors automatically collect waste materials in the form of particulate matter floating in the ambient air of industrial plants in real-time. These are intelligent systems that do not need for the manufacturing plant to shut down for maintenance and clean-up sessions.

The air-purification ducts are integrated within the industrial structure in a way that it can work incessantly to extract corrugated trimmings from the air. The air ducts are connected to a central industrial fan. It removes the particulate matter through an airstream created by the filtration device.

In certain cases, a combination of both cyclone and filtration mechanisms are merged together to make sure safe levels of particulate matter in the ambient air of the plant. Some of these special instances are seen in:

  • Commercial printing hubs for magazines and newspapers
  • Toilet roll and towel manufacturing units
  • Packaging material and carton board manufacturing units
  • Packaging foil/film manufacturing units for use in food and beverage can industry
  • Units engaged in carpet and textile manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical labelling manufacturing plants

Key Benefits of Installing Corrugated Trimming Extractors in an Industrial Plant

To maintain the efficiency of the manufacturing lines, industries make sure that their infrastructure includes intelligent and performance-optimised corrugated extraction systems.

It is crucial to keep the ambient air within the plant healthy as it ensures a reduction in health and fire-related risk factors. Clean air equals fewer instances of the workforce falling ill leading to an intact corporate reputation.

Here are some key benefits of installing a corrugated trimming extractor at a glance:

  • Helps in the removal of fine particles that often finds their way into the respiratory systems of the workforce
  • Ensures the manufacturing processes run continually
  • Since these systems are fully automated, it ensures that the manufacturing equipment can run incessantly during the cleaning and maintenance processes

Corrugated Trimming extractors are essential when one is looking for means to extract corrugated trimmings from the ambient air of industrial plants. It is an essential addition to the industrial infrastructure that ensures safe recovery of waste trimming from the ambient air. Removal of particulate waste matter from the air not only ensures a healthy work environment for the workforce but also reduces the odds of an accidental fire. These systems are one-time investments that can help an industrial plant in reducing its operational costs as well.

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