As much as we want to, going completely paperless may not appear feasible in a tradition-heavy corporate world,yet there are a huge number of advantages to doing so. Furthermore, achieving the ambition of reducing an operation’s reliance on paper, ink and copier is not as impossible as many might think. For example, apps such as ExpenseIn help you go paperless when it comes to your accounting department because it’s a receipt management app that uses the cloud.

  1. Document Organisation- A lot of time is wasted sifting through paper documents and searching through filing cabinets. Even if a collection of documents is organised with precision, it can be time-consuming to track down paper files, especially if they are currently on somebody’s desk. By scanning electronic copies of receipts and invoices, documents can be sorted, filed and organised for quick retrieval.
  1. Automatic Backups- It keeps you from accidentally throwing out important documents. Also, maintaining electronic files allows for multiple back-up points. Data can be saved on flash drives, in the cloud or into an external hard drive. For important expense data, cloud-based expense management provides automatic backups.
  1. Environmental Friendliness- A paperless environment means less energy and resources consumption. Small businesses use less energy when printers, copiers and faxes are unplugged and, crucially, this fact supports a more sustainable business model.
  1. Client Communication- Keeping an email contact list for inner-office and client emails allows you to instantly communicate without dealing with postage and printing expenses. But with advanced technology and smart devices, email is far from the only way in which communication with clients and partners can be improved. A virtual office allows for much smoother client relations, while offering the added benefit of making it easier to track tasks so that everybody is kept up to date on a project’s progress.
  1. Financial Benefits- Perhaps the most appealing advantage is the financial benefit of ridding the workplace from paper. The cost of paper and other office supplies like ink cartridges and such decreases and you no longer have to worry about upgrading printers, copiers or fax machines.

Each company is different and each company has their own set of needs. While using paper isn’t yet considered apart of the Stone Age, it’s heading in that direction. Each year thousands of innovative ways are created in order to transition your company to going paperless and these are only some of the advantages.

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