New York City is renowned to be the largest metropolitan area of America.  It houses more than twenty one million people, and Anouk Govil is one of them.  Anouk used to be a resident of Connecticut and subsequently moved to NY as a student in order to provide a boost to her career. While studying at the university here, she has always been intrigued by the effervescence and grandiose of the city.  New York is the land of opportunity, where people keep coming from around the world and often decide to never leave due to its incredible atmosphere.

Anouk Govil underlines some of the most efficient travel apps for New York. The New York City houses some of the best museums, restaurants, theaters, and parks of the world. However, due to the great number of people residing there and the plethora of structures present in the city, it often becomes a bit difficult to navigate through it. The transportation system of this city features a highly complex network of infrastructural systems. Anouk Govil underlines the fact that the transportation system of this city essentially features on of the largest subway systems in the world. In order to navigate through NY, students, professionals and numerous others often use certain mobile apps. While travelling to the university or visiting the museum, people often take the help of these apps to reach their destination as smoothly as possible. Here are a few of those apps:

  • City mapper: Majority of people use the impressive and sprawling subway system or bus network in order to get around.  Travelling in New York can however be quite daunting even for the people belonging to a central area. In this scenario, downloading the New York City app from Citymapper would be the best possible tool in order to gain a better understanding the public transit system of the city. Not only this NY app has multiple maps that can be used offline, it also shows real time train and bus departures.
  • Exit Strategy NYC: This app features a complete bus and subway map for the five boroughs of the NYC.  As the name of this app implies, it essentially focuses on efficiently accessing these potions.  At this app people can find locations of all station exits and entrances, and thereby efficiently travel between subway and street.
  • ParkMe:  This app is meant for people travelling in New York in private cars, and not through public transport. For people with private cars, parking often becomes a hassle in NY.  Park Me is an app that can significantly help people in doing so. It essentially scans data near the location of a person, and subsequently shows them parking availability and rates nearby.
  • Time Out New York: This app enjoys a high level of popularity among New York residents and tourists. Here people can find information about the various happening events across the city, including concerts and exhibits.
  • Citi Bike: This is the official bike-share program, this app is ideal for people travelling across New York City on two-wheeler.

With the help of above mentioned app, Anouk Govil and other New York residents navigate easily around the city.

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