We all know what cannabis is, even those who aren’t totally onboard with the idea and all that it entails know what it is. Medical cannabis has been in the news a lot lately and weed delivery services have been sprouting up in Los Angeles, but what are they delivering besides just weed? Getting marijuana delivery in Los Angeles is about more than just cannabis; here’s what Green Door West offers:


Just as they sound—it’s a whole new way to take medical marijuana (it’s not that new actually, a lot of people have been making edibles in one form or another for years.) Eating medical marijuana gives you a different experience and allows you to administer your medication in a different way. Edibles get absorbed by the walls of your mouth and your stomach, often being felt more gradually than by smoking it, but still coming on quite effectively.


These look like honey or kind of like butter, and they’re extremely potent in terms of THC. These are usually used in a vaporizer and are extremely strong in comparison, and the effects can be a little more psychological at first than physical, though they do take effect in a slower form.


Your skin can absorb things just like the interior of your mouth, and often times, topicals are administered when someone doesn’t wish to smoke but wants the effect of cannabis to help with pain management and other medical needs.

There’s more than just these three types of products available. Head over to greendoorwest.com to find out all the other innovative cannabis products they have that are shaping the industry and giving relief.

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