Can Paint Protection Film Damage The Paint Underneath?

Sydney is a great city to explore and walk around because of its pleasant weather. You can stroll around Sydney Harbour or Darling Harbour, see the Opera House, or spend the day at Luna Park without worrying about the rain. After all, the city has sunny days about a third of the year. It also has sun, about 236 days each year, even if the sun sometimes hides behind the clouds. Everybody knows how the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your skin, but they can also be harsh on your car’s paint.

People take for granted that their car is also susceptible to sun damage. They leave it exposed to the elements without the necessary protection. As a result, UV rays break down the molecules on auto paint and clear coat; this reduces its lustre and shine. But you can easily protect the paint through a paint protection film. 

What is Paint Protection Film?

The paint protection film can be installed by professional car detailing. With regard to car detailing, Sydney has various experts providing the service. Also called the PPF or Clear Bra, it is designed to protect your vehicle not just from sun damage but also from stone chips, dirt, road debris, and swirl marks. It will save you a lot of money to refurbish your car when you intend to sell it down the road. 

The protective film is also resistant to acid and corrosion. In effect, it becomes your first layer of defence from etching, bug splatters, acid rain, chemical stains, and mineral deposits.

As of 2016, there were nearly 38,000 Sydneysiders who had at least one motor vehicle. Another 10,000 had two vehicles per household, and more than 1,700 had access to three or more vehicles. However, only a few of them have considered protecting the coating on their vehicle by using a Clear Bra. 

What about the Paint Underneath?

Paint protection film would not damage the paint or coating underneath. It will not have any negative impact on the colour of the paint. However, it is designed to last from 5 to 10 years, depending on how you are using your car. If you are using it as a daily driver and expose it often to the elements, then you can expect the Clear Bra to last at the lower end of its average lifecycle.  

With that said, make sure that the film is properly installed. Instead of just following those DIY videos, which make the procedure sounds so easy, take it to a car detailing centre. Concerning car detailing, Sydney has various service providers offering excellent solutions. The installation process will play a significant role in protecting the paint underneath the Clear Bra. 

The process only takes a few hours, so you can get your car back within the day, depending on the number of vehicles queueing at the garage. But it is a painstaking process because the centres need to ensure smooth application, which means there should be no wrinkles, no stretch marks, no bubbles, and no creases. As a standard rule, the smoother the application, the longer the protection will last.  

Finally, if you are ready to peel off the protective coating from your vehicle, contact a car detailing shop right away, so they can do the job for you. Again, the main objective is to make sure the original paint of your vehicle is intact. 

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