The tax is a primary right of any state as it needs revenue to make various expenses for the welfare of the state, economy, and people. Before last year, there were some taxes prevailing in the Indian tax system for which the businesses were supposed to register themselves under the tax act and file different returns as well as pay various taxes. It was not only a costly system for the businessmen but also a time consuming one and hence change in this system was much demanded by the people. To meet the expectation of simple tax system of people, the government implied the GST in 2017 as per which the products and services of various businesses were classified in different slabs and every businessman is supposed to pay the GST accordingly.

The online filing of GST return:

To pay the government dues in the form of GST one needs to file the return. However, here one must note that he can file the same from anywhere now and not required to visit any office. One needs to have a computer with an internet connection to submit GST return online as one just needs to click the link and see that the payment gateway is opened. The link will prompt t to the gateway where the software fills a few details, and one needs to click to pay the amount only.

The service tax:

The service tax return is also mandatory for various service providers. They need to charge the tax and pay the same to the government via the service tax return. The service tax return filing form is available on the official site of the department as well as the software where the details can be automatically filled, and one just needs to click the link to move the same to the gateway.

There are some important steps one needs to take if he wants to have the efficient software. Doubtlessly the market has some ready to use software that can match the requirement of the business but in case none of them meet the needs, one needs to get customized software developed by an expert software developer. Here one must note that some of the ready software can be modified to meet the transactional and other requirements of the business and one can get it done at a very low rate compared to the same of the software which may be developed.

In case one does not get any such software there may be no other option left than the development of the same. In such situation, one has to hire a developer and discuss the exact requirement of the business. Usually, the developers know the requirement and hence can offer the quality software but again the cost and time by when he can provide the software matters here. In such situation, one needs to discuss the terms and conditions with the developer before hiring him. He must be able to help the business as far as the software is concerned as and when the business requires him.

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