Everyone uses technology. Whether it’s your cell phone, television or tablet, everyone loves a great gadget. Well, aside from being incredibly useful, computers are also a lot of fun. Whether it’s a laptop or desktop, many people are constantly using their computers for a whole host of reasons. While most people don’t pay any mind to the computers they buy, most users out there are looking for the best experience possible given their needs. Computers may look all the same on the outside, but on the inside, they can be drastically different. It’s not much different from looking side the hood of a high-powered sports car and comparing it to a midline sedan. These ingredients that make up for these PCs can be completely different from computer to computer,and as a result, it requires a user to use careful thought before investing in a PC for the future. Because it’s very like that an individual computer user could invest a lot of money into something they may never use that much in the first place. Here are some of the easiest ways to decide which computer is best for you given your individual needs and wants as a user.

Best PC for Students

Students make up a large population of computer users. Students are constantly doing homework on their computers, taking notes, talking to fellow classmates, and they need something portable so they can carry their computer to and from classes as they go about their day. Also, sometimes students like to kick back and blow off steam with some games. As a result, they’re pretty diverse crowd of computer users with unique demands. This means that anyone considering building a computer will have to be very particular as far as what they need. If someone is a typical student,his or her needs are going to be pretty similar. They need something that’s going to be portable, reliable, easy to use, and most importantly, something that works fast. Students can’t sit around and wait for things to happen. If they have work that has to be completed immediately, they’re going to want a computer that can accommodate those needs.

If you’re a student and you’re looking for a good computer, the main thing you want to keep in mind is the processor. A fast processor means virtually any action or command that’s activated on the computer runs as fast possible. A fast processor is similar to an engine. The more powerful the engine, the greater the speed at which the machine works. Students may be able to cut costs on a processor if it’s a major issue for their budget, but they should still be able to enjoy themselves given the prototypical processor that’s available. The i5 processor is a pretty solid processor given its price, and most students will easily be able to make the most with this specific processor. Aside from a processor, students are going to want something that’s light and portable. Always look for the weight and portability of a PC before purchasing it. Most PC retailers now provide the complete width and weight for their PCs so you can get a better idea of whether or not you’ll be able to slide the computer into your backpack before heading off to class. In addition to buying something that’s fast, portable and light, you want something with a lot of storage space. Students often have lots of notes and homework that requires diligent care to effectively maximize the capabilities of the PC. Always look for a PC that has at least 100 gigabytes of space. If you’re strictly using the computer for storage of text documents and the like, a solid 100 gigabytes of space is more than enough to have room for your work.

Building a Gaming PC

If you’re someone that isn’t too worried about being studious, then perhaps you’re’ a gamer. Gaming PCs make the bulk of the market for customised PCs, and they make this market up for good reason. Gaming PCs are popular due in large part to the popularity of video games in the modern era. Unlike the past decades where computers were primarily used for educators and the military, now everyone wants to get in on the fun of PC gaming. However, to really enjoy PC gaming, you need a computer that handles the intense demands of modern video games. The most critical component of a gaming PC is the graphics card. As games become a lot more sophisticated, you’re going to need a graphics card that can handle the demands of advanced media.

This means you can’t go out and buy the cheapest graphics card possible. Always look to buy the latest and greatest graphics card as it will guarantee your ability to play the latest games on the market. A better graphics card will allow you the ability to play your games with the highest settings possible, and doing so ensures the gaming experience will be as complete as it can be.

 You’ll also want to build a PC with a fast processor because as a gamer, you want something that will allow you to play demanding games without any hiccups. There’s’ nothing worse than playing a highly competitive game, and then suddenly, the computer crashes. A great processor will reduce the margin of error, and it will ensure you’re having the most fun possible. Aside from a graphics card and processor, don’t be afraid to invest in a great hard drive also. A hard drive will ensure you’ll have plenty of space for your library of games. Without a suitable hard drive, you can quickly fill up your storage space, and soon you’ll be stuck without the ability to play your favourite games without deleting the ones you also enjoy playing.

No matter the type of computer you’re looking for, always look around for the best price and selection possible. Chillblast offer the best gaming desktops, and they also offer awesome student computers as well. Remember, assess your needs as a consumer before making any considerable investments in computer hardware.

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