At some point or another, you’re going to have to send some of your employees to a training course to become certified or more knowledgeable in a specific area. These courses can range from accounting and healthcare, all the way to computer networking and social media. You may look at local colleges or technical institutes for courses, but there’s another option: purchase a DVD or online training course. There are a number of reasons why you might want to give this option a chance.

Employees Can Train at their Own Pace

If your team is fairly small or if you always seem to have a major project in the works, it can be hard to find time for your employees to go to a training course. It can be even worse if it looks like they have the time to train, only to see a large project arise at the moment in question. In such a situation, you usually wasted the money you paid for the course and your employees still have to take it again down the road.

Employees Can Rewind

During a course, if one of the students doesn’t understand the concept, one of two things usually happen: either the instructor will go over the concept several times, leaving the rest of the class unable to move on, or the instructor will continue and leave the student behind. With DVD courses, your employees can replay the lesson over and over until they understand it. If they’re busy taking notes and miss something, they can go back to catch up. They can even replay a certain section several months later if they’ve forgotten how to do something.

They’re More than Just Videos

DVD guides and tutorials include much more than a series of videos on the topic. They also have search features that allow employees to find answers to the questions they may have, or if they need to jump to a topic that requires time sensitive focus. Many include tutorial programs where users will actually complete certain tasks during a simulation so that they can practice without worrying about deleting data. Employees can return to their lessons right where they left off, even if they haven’t worked on the course for several weeks.

Online Training Courses

In addition to videos, online training courses such as those available from also provide your employees with many great options that don’t require spending time in the classroom. These courses include tutorials and exercises that can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Employees can continue to learn while they’re at home on the weekends, or even when they’re out of town on business, without having to worry about where they left their course DVD. Online training is a great option for employees who frequently travel for work.

You Save Money

Purchasing training DVDs or access to online courses is not only more convenient for your employees, but it’s also more affordable.  Because there’s no instructor to pay, classroom space to occupy, or extra materials such as textbooks to purchase, the cost of one of these training courses is much less. Another feature of these versatile courses is that there’s no lost tuition fee if an employee has to stop training for a few weeks to focus on work.

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