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Grant Troutt is a Dallas-based American financial analyst. He is the millionaire son of Excel Communications founder Kenny Troutt. Grant gained notoriety as Madison Prewett’s boyfriend who later became her fianc√© on The Bachelor. On Monday, August 1, the Bachelor star revealed her engagement to Grant Troutt. “grant troutt net worth” as of 2024 is around $800,000.


1996 saw the birth of Grant Troutt in Dallas, Texas. Kenny Troutt and Lisa Troutt are his parents. Growing up, Grant had two siblings. His mother graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in fashion. She worked with companies including BIS, Prophecy, and Barboglio in a number of fashion industries and is one of the founding members of the Council for Life.

Grant Troutt’s Career and Net Worth

Kenny Troutt, Troutt’s father, is an independent billionaire. Excel Communications is the long-distance phone company he founded. Kenny made a staggering $3.5 billion when he sold Excel Communications to Teleglobe. He then reinvested the proceeds in horses, bonds, and lucrative equities.

He went to the Episcopal School of Dallas to further his studies. He enrolled at UC Santa Barbara in 2015 and studied there through 2016. After that, he went to Southern Methodist University, where he graduated in 2019. He was a point guard on the collegiate basketball team during his time there.

He later performed for UC Santa Barbara. His contract with Barbara was inked on November 14, 2014. Nevertheless, his injury kept him out of action for the majority of the season. Grant is working as a summer analyst at Blue Star Innovation Partners right now. He has over three years of experience in the company. He is in charge of the M&A group’s sourcing and sales at the organisation.

He spent three months interning as an analyst at JMI Realty prior to joining Blue Star. Similarly, he spent two months interning at Red Mile as an analyst.

Grant Troutt’s Personal Life & Wife

Currently, Madison Prewett, a former Bachelor, and Grant Troutt are dating. He and her have been dating for around eight months. Grant asked her to marry him on Sunday at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, just a few days before their nine-month wedding anniversary. After receiving Grant’s proposal on Sunday, Madison said yes, and less than a day after becoming engaged, the Bachelor star posted a slideshow of gorgeous pictures of her and Grant sharing a kiss on the beach. She showcased her new diamond ring on Instagram.

Madison told me that Grant was waiting for her, and he showed me the beach where he had a Bible with her new name on it, flowers, and a lot of candles. Finally, he possessed the ring of her desires. They were simply taking birthday photos on the beach, so Madison was unaware of the proposal. Upon her descent, her closest companion guided her into the lavatory where her mother and sisters were wearing the gown she desired to propose.

The other Bachelor Nation celebrities congratulated the pair in the comment section following the public release of the engagement photos. In her carousel of pictures with Grant, Madison spoke of how passionate, purposeful, and joyful he is as a person. She went on to say that she is happy to live her life with someone who shares her passion for Jesus and others.

Grant Troutt’s estimated net worth

As of 2024, Grant Troutt’s net worth is projected to reach around $800,000. His earnings as a financial analyst must have been substantial.

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