How To Escape Discomfort And Find The Best Possible Bra


Millions of women around the globe are going about their daily lives while wearing the wrong bra size. There are sources that estimate nearly 65 percent of women actually choose the wrong size of bra when shopping. If you’re struggling to feel comfortable and supported in your newest bra, then this may be why.

Unfortunately, understanding sizes is not as simple and straightforward as most stores would have you believe. The result is that women walk in expecting to fit a certain size, purchase that size, and then later learn that it’s different from the size they are accustomed to. This is obviously an unfortunate mistake that can become quite expensive if repeated too often.

Ideally, every woman should be able to find a bra that they are comfortable wearing on a daily basis. It should fit well, provide adequate support, and improve the look and feel of your clothes. Some women report that their bras help alleviate neck and shoulder discomfort as well. That’s certainly better than a bra that causes discomfort, which is too often the case.

It’s important to note that shopping for a good bra isn’t just about having a big budget. Many great brands cover the spectrum of budget options. Every woman should be able to find an affordable, comfortable bra that fits in their price range. And they should be able to find more than one.

The first step towards finding that perfect bra is eliminating old notions that many of us have held onto our entire lives. Just because you have always worn a certain size does not mean that’s the right size for you. It also doesn’t mean that’s the only size bra you should look for when you’re in the store. The sizing arrangements used by different companies often vary with only minor consistencies. Maternity shapewear.

Not All Cups Are Created Equal

One of the earliest false notions that we buy into is that “a C cup is a C cup and is always a C cup”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, it’s important to understand that the width of any cup is going to increase as the size of the band increases. This will cause two bras with the same labeled cup size to actually have different cup sizes. For example, the cup for a 38C and a 34C are not going to be the same even though they are both labeled as “C cups”.

This problem is easy to identify. If you are measured as a C cup, but a 34C does not contain your breast while a 36C is too loose to offer support, then this is likely the culprit. You should consider trying a 34D to solve the problem.

The Brand Makes All The Difference

This is true of most clothing but is far more noticeable and annoying when it comes to bras. It is entirely possible for one brand to label a bra as 34DD while another brand would label the same bra as a 36C. There are numerous reasons why this might happen. One of the most uncommon and dishonest reasons is “vanity sizing”. This is where a brand intentionally increases the labeled cup size of a bra despite its actual size.

In Conclusion

Don’t rely on the same ideas we were taught as teenagers when going bra shopping. If you’re going to a new store or a new brand, then you can just as easily forget about the previous size bra you were wearing. Instead, view it as a new opportunity to test the merchandise and find what fits. If you want the best possible fit from a supplier, then we suggest finding a company that employs a professional fitter. They are trained to help customers identify exactly what style, brand, and size would work best for them.

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