Special events organized by almost all of us require many arrangements. The organizers need to prepare list of the guests, proper seating, drink & dine and other such facilities to make such programs a grand success. Let it be a birthday or reception party, marriage anniversary or welcome / send off for a distinguished person; special tables are required for catering to the needs of the guests in viable manners. Nobody may think of buying these costly pieces that incurs lot of money. That’s where the table hire service providers come to the help of the organizers.

Many types of tables are available in the market that suit special occasions. Few of them are explained as under:

  • 4ft Trestle Table Hire – These easy-to-fold tables are quite easy to carry to the venue of the party. Being flat, they require very less space and can be assembled in easy manners. Four persons can be easily accommodated with these tables.
  • 6ft Trestle Table Hire – Available with one piece table top, these unique tables are made of hard stuff and can bear a load of approx 250 kg. These are also meant for arranging special parties.
  • Round Table Hire 3/4/5/6 ft– It is also one of the best tables for special events. Being round in shape, these wonderful tables are most suitable for the guests that intend to face each other for easy interaction. You can choose any of these tables as per the individual choices of the guests as four to eight persons can be seated around them as per their sizes.
  • Stainless Steel Bistro Table – These tables can be maintained with ease and comfort. Being rust and weather resistant; they last long and are genuinely priced. Transportation is also quite easy.
  • Café Table – These tables are most suitable for cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. Those intending to organize small get-togethers and serve coffee or soft drinks at the parties are recommended to hire such tables. The wooden finish of these tables gives attractive looks and they are easy to clean.
  • Cocktail Table – These unique table pieces are wonderful choices for serving beer or wine to the distinguished guests. These wonderful mirrored console tables are best suited for the parties and give stunning looks that make the party a grand event.

Large number of companies including Chairs and table hire London provide their valuable services to the people that are in need of tables for special events. One can choose the tables as per his or specific needs. Reasonable rates are charged by such concerns that focus their attention on the valuable clients rather than on individual profits. No hidden charges are ever included in the bills. Usually the tables are made available at the venue of the parties by such companies that are equipped with their own transports for carrying the pieces. This is feasible for the organizers that are saved from any penalty for breakage etc. They may make their own arrangements for transportation.

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