Michael Coppola – Simple Tips For Mastering The English Language As A Native Speaker

Is English a hard language to learn? This is a question many native students of non-English speaking nations ask themselves before they enroll in classes. Experts of the language say that if you are interested in learning English and practicing writing and speaking it regularly in your life, you will find the language coming naturally to you. 

Michael Coppola – a compassionate professor with in-depth knowledge

Good teachers and professors leave a positive impression on the students with their teaching styles and methods. When it comes to teaching a language like English that is vast in content, professors need to have in-depth knowledge of the topics. They should make them simple to understand. When it comes to grammar and literature, the professor must go deep into the topic to ensure every student in the class understands it well.

Never rely on translation when you want to speak in English 

Michael Coppola is one such teacher, and he is an esteemed English Professor with The College of Staten Island in the USA. His students widely respect him. He inspires them to love the English language and has an engaging personality that makes classes enjoyable. He ensures that the objectives of the class are clear to his students. He believes that class time should be productive and interactive.

You should never rely on translation before you speak English. Many students generally think of what they want to say inside their heads. They later think of ways on how they can translate the sentences into English. This is not the right way to learn English or, for that matter, any language. To master the language naturally, you need to think and speak in English. Regular practice will make you perfect over time.

Tips for mastering the English language 

There are some simple tips for you to master the English language and they are as follows- 

  • Talk fearlessly – The more you speak in English, the more confident you will be. You will make mistakes and can learn from them when your teacher corrects them.
  • Master the rules of grammar- Be attentive in your grammar classes. Every concept should be understood correctly. If you have doubts, do not hesitate to ask your teacher for clarification.
  • Reading helps – The more you read, the more you can increase your vocabulary and word knowledge. Reading helps you to become fluent in the English language as well. You should refer to newspapers, magazines, and illustrated books, to begin with.
  • Watch television and listen to English programs – Listening to English programs on TV will help you understand the correct pronunciation of words. You can practice them at home. Listening to any language allows you to master the language and do well in it.

Michael Coppola ensures every student gets the attention he or she deserves in class. He is dedicated as a professor and enjoys teaching English and being with students. Though the language is vast, it is an enjoyable language to learn for students across the world.

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