Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically located in the Western Europe. This means that it does not have any bordering to a sea or ocean and therefore miss just some maritime scenic beauty. Despite being small in size, it possesses unique natural scenes, diverse natural heritage and beautiful picturesque villages. These provide some of the best all stop spots for tourists, honeymoon plans at any time of the year; where you visit in summer, winter, spring or fall. Switzerland also has lots of lovely unique landscapes; well defined by its magnificent topographical definitions spiced by hills, mountains, valleys and lakes that offer the best romantic spots for the newlyweds or even tourists.

The top destinations include:

1. Best Romantic hotels
They provide the best elegant environment to spend your nights and operate. They are well characterised with just the most desired conducive environment for a couple’s stay. Some of the hotels include Romantic Boutique Guadaval of Scuol village, Hotel Honberg and Sternen hotel of Kriegstetten, just to mention but a few.

2. Verbier
His is also referred to as the Four Valleys Ski is, that provides one of the best romantic spots. It is a mountain setting covering the bottom of Alpine bowl, with hiking and trails. This spot provides a unique romantic place for the newlywed couples.

3. Gstaad
This is one of the Europe’s winter destinations located at the 4-way junction of Alpine valleys. It provides outstanding skiing for the couples who leisurely want to spend their time sporting. The hotels here have cosy warm bedrooms and plenty of Schnapps for exception aromatic moods.

4. Murren
This spot is rather isolated and is located on a rocky region at the Lauterbrunnen Valley and is only accessible by cable cars or cog railways. It is bestowed with spectacular panoramas over Brenese Oberland Mountains and hotels which are very cost-effective. Here you can also enjoy exceptional hiking and skiing trails.

5. Arosa
It is one almost the highest ski-resort in the country with beautiful views of small lakes. You will certainly enjoy a romantic gateway through mountainside of lush forests and a network of hiking trails.

6. Mount Rigi
This possesses a striking view of a starlit sky, gleaming Lake Lucrene where a royal meal can be served.

7. Soglio in Val Bregaglia
It is romantically nestled on a sunny hillside. It is served with the hotel Palazzo built in 1630 for the best romantic setup.

8. Gruyeres
This is an attractive village located outside the castle gates. It is one of the oldest, dating back to 13th century. It is decorated with cobblestone streets for best night roaming and a glow of a floodlit castle that jut sets you in the perfect mood.

9. Lavaux Vineyards and Lake Geneva
This is a spot terracing up the hillsides and is best explored on food or on bike, but you can use a car so long as you have at least a provisional licence for driving to avoid conflicts with authorities.

All these places offer the most romantic spots enjoyed by most newlyweds in Switzerland.

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