Being compact in size and easy to drive, the golf cart has found many uses even off the golf course. These are now often seen whizzing around airports, gated communities and even retirement homes. For those who are looking to invest in one, it is said that choosing a used golf cart over a brand new one can save them up to 50% of the cost. However you should also carefully consider your options before settling on one of them.

Gasoline or Electric: To choose between the two you need to first answer the question of what you are going to be using it for. If you are likely to be hauling heavy loads all day, you may want to consider a gasoline model. But if you simply use it as transport, say inside a retirement home or gated community, then an electric will be fine. Ensure that the battery is rechargeable, check the condition of the battery and pin-point recharge points before you buy it.

Age: Age is a huge consideration for these vehicles. If you opt for an older model, while it may be more economical now, if any part needs to be replaced, then finding the necessary parts for an older model may be much harder. This is why you should consider the age and model of the golf cart you are considering and check to see if it is easily serviceable and if parts are available in the market.

Features: Based on what you are going to be using it for and where it is going to be used, decide on what features you want and what you can live without. For instance, in places with poor weather, having a windshield or even one that folds down is useful. For hotels and airports, extra seats are a useful option and side and rear-view mirrors make it a safer option.

Tires and Body: Just as you would check a car for scratches damage, you should also check the paint on the body of a golf cart. Don’t forget to inspect the tires for their quality and wear-and-tear. Those with a deep tread are more favourable.

Canopy:  One of the most important parts of a golf cart, you need to check for rips, tears and any rusted  or rusting attachment points. To ensure its strength, hold the canopy and give it a good shake.

The ease of handling a golf cart means that almost anyone can use them safely. Their ability to carry luggage and people even in crowded spaces makes them invaluable at busy airports, recreational facilities and even busy construction sites and movie sets. While buying a used golf cart is far more cost-effective you should check the vehicle to ensure that the basics are in place. If the cart you are choosing is from a popular manufacturer, it is more likely that you will be able to get it serviced easily and finding parts should be simple.

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