When it comes to social media networks, we have so many to choose from. We update our profiles every day, send pictures, share videos, and connect with friends and families. But then, sometimes we share too much information. Not everyone is aware that there should be a certain limit as to what we should and should not share online.

Tapshare – The Family Friendly Social Network

If you are not comfortable with other strangers seeing your photos or videos, be careful when choosing a social network. Make sure that you choose the one that is family friendly. Tapshare is one of the first “family friendly” social network platforms. Here, you can upload unlimited pictures and share videos from any device to your public or private albums.

With Tapshare, you are only able to share your Private Album with just a number of people like your family members. You have control of who can view the album. This is one of the best ways to share your day to day uploads with individuals that you trust, and will not feel anxious about whether strangers are able to access it or not. For more info, visit Tapshare online.

What NOT To Share Online

We share too many details on our social media accounts. This does not only mean our photos and videos. Other than that, there are other details that should not be visible on our account which strangers would have access to.

  • Your Real And Full Birthdate. Getting hundreds, even thousands of birthday wishes can be heartwarming, but having your birth date posted on your profile can give scammers a key to piece the information that they needed to steal your identity.
  • Pictures Of Your Children Tagged With Their Names. Protecting your children should be on top of your priorities. But if you have noticed, we can’t help but share the adorable pictures of them, almost every day. If you must, do it cautiously. Don’t tag them or use their real names in the description.
  • Your Home Address. Everyone can look into your profile. Identity thieves are good at gathering this minute information. Avoid posting information about where you live. Criminals can do so much with just your full name and home address.
  • Holiday Pictures. When you are out of town for a holiday, avoid posting pictures on the same date, especially if you are with your whole family and nobody’s home. There are so many cases where burglars are able to get into someone else’s property just because they knew you and your family aren’t home from your social media updates.

Sharing your personal information and your day to day happenings on social media should be done cautiously. Don’t give the bad guys the chance to steal something from you. Protect your family and yourself by being discreet with what you share online.

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