Planning to become stronger? It could be for tangible benefits like an increased life span or stronger bones. It could even be a new hobby as you might find everyone spending a lot of time around exercise and showcasing your adventures on social media. In this regard, Dymatize ISO 100 would be an ideal solution. As per experts, the lean men who are not gaining a sufficient amount of weight are following an improper diet or exercising in a wrong manner. By following the below mentioned 10 tips you can work for a better muscle mass.

Focus on muscle building

The more formation of protein in your body the process of protein synthesis occurs as larger your muscles is expected to grow. But keep in mind that the body is draining protein for other activities like the formation of hormones etc.

For muscle building fewer proteins are available. To cope up with the situation, the body needs to form and store new proteins a lot faster than breaking old proteins.

Eat meat

A 1 gram of protein weight is necessary and this is what the body can shoot on a given day. At the same time, other calories can be spent between fats and carbohydrates.

Eat more

It is not only about eating proteins, but equal consumption of calories is also important. By the above formula, it is easy to figure out to gain 1 pound in a week. Give yourself a couple of weeks in order to measure up on the bathroom scale. Still, if you have not put on weight increase the level of calories by 500 a day.

Workout your biggest muscles

If you happen to be a beginner just about any workout would be more than enough to enhance your protein synthesis. On the other hand, if you have been working out a lot you would build the biggest muscle first and stick to proper workouts.

A full workout followed by a day of rest is a better option. Studies do point to the fact that a challenging workout enhances protein synthesis up to 48 hours once your exercise session is over. You can even opt for a Dymatize super mass gainer to enhance your muscles. A point to remember is that the muscles tend to grow when you are resting or not when you happen to exercise.

The carbs have to be down once the workout session is over

Research once again drives home the point that you are going to rebuild your muscle on the rest days if you do not happen to feed your body with carbohydrates.

If you are not eating a lot, you are going to limit the rate at which the body goes on to form new proteins. Figure out the number of calories that you are going to need in a day and divide it by 6. It is roughly the amount of protein that you are going to need in a single day. Make it a point that you consume around 20 grams of protein after 3 hours.

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