Wedding is the most excited event of anyone’s life. Who do not wish to make their wedding exclusively memorable one? To make wedding moment special, there are various full service wedding planners who guide you in anything from designing flowers and artistic décor to catering and management for your wedding ceremony. But, when it comes to wedding flowers, selecting the best ones is a critical part. In this post, I’ve shared some tips on how to choose best wedding flowers:

  • Alive And Long-lasting : Bright and refreshed flowers are the first choices. Flowers should be alive, fresh and reusable. Also you should be aware of the floral container. Sometimes florists use plastic or cheap container for the luxury flowers delivery. After delivery, the vases get junked. Ask the florist about the re-usability of container after delivery of flowers. Some occurrence might affect flowers. It may take fragrance of the blooms away. So beware while choosing flowers, they should be alive and long- lasting.
  • Seasonal : While Choosing in-season flowers, it leads to cost advantage. Whether it may be tulip in spring, sunflower in summer or berries and evergreens in winter. If they grow in the season you want them to use, it makes sense to choose those flowers. Actually, It will be best to choose the in-season flowers because they are mature enough to use.
  • Eco-Friendly : If you’re on a way to inspire others through your floral activities, go for organic flowers, which are suitable for human health and environment as well. Organic flowers have reduced use of chemicals. Through selecting organic flowers you prove to care about the environment and you’re on your way to be eco- friendly.
  • Charitable : It is the best option to give up your event flowers to charity. Some florist become ready to contribute for such cause by arranging flowers for them. For example, Daffodil arrangement during cancer awareness month. Being part of such activities may give relief to your soul internally.
  • Trust on florist : Communicate with your florist, suggest your florist about your likes, dislikes, interests. Explore new ideas, Innovate ravishing floral design with the help of the florist.Don’t interrupt much in their work and keep trust and faith on them.
  • Shared : If you are planning to use an in-house florist, ask or convince them for shared floral program. This type of program encourages them to do arrangement at a discounted rates and also you can rent them for multiple events.
  • Slow : We are generally used to hear words like slow events and slow food. So here are slow flowers. It supports the idea of nourishing bloom in such a way that keep with local eco-system and supports local grower.
  • Not at risk! : Some flowers look exotic but are they really okay? When pondering on non endangered floral means avoiding that kind of plants which have been listed at risk. It means avoiding any flower or plants which are generally danger to use.
  • Culturally Sensitive : In certain cultures, there may be beliefs about colors, types and number of flowers. So gracious. You can Suggest your florist for such certainty. It is definitely not bad to obey culture. You can show people how religious you are.
  • Donate Them : Donating something gives unexpected satisfaction that we even have not think. After useful life flowers, you have to dispose it. You are responsible for that. This thing is what all event planner enjoy like donating their left over flowers to charity. You can also give them to nursing homes, hospitals or organizations, they’ll be glad to receive such flowers.


As we’ve seen flowers are the basic decoration needs for any occasion, from birthday parties to weddings or baby shower ceremonies, these blossoms are staple of everyday to uncommon events. By the above mentioned tips you can suggest your friends and colleagues how to make the events best by using the flowers smartly. Keep in mind “Choose wisely, Healthy flowers means healthy you”.

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