Top Tips On Picking The Right Dog Supplies

Do you need tips on buying the right supplies for your dogs? There are a few things you should watch out for, such as the ingredients, materials, and design in the accessories. No Rx dog supplies can also be staples for travel, grooming, and everyday care.

The tips below might help you pick out the right stuff for your furry friends.

Doggie Feed

The first in our list of no Rx dog supplies is dog food or puppy food. Make sure to get the one for your dog’s breed and type. The nutritional needs of large dogs aren’t the same for smaller breeds.

Don’t get the same brand of dog food every single time. Your pet might get bored with eating the same thing every single day of the week.

Look for the AAFCO statement on the label, so you’ll know that the feed’s nutrient content is balanced and complete. You should also check the guaranteed fat and protein labels. Make sure that these nutrients are within recommended levels for your pet.

The ingredients must not contain anything that your dog is allergic to. Don’t buy food that has added sweeteners or generic fat sources. Check for the complete nutrient analysis on the label.

Doggie Toys

Next on our list of no Rx dog supplies are doggie toys. When selecting toys for your canine friend, you should make sure to get the right size. It shouldn’t be too small, or else your dog might swallow and it shouldn’t be too big or else it would be too difficult for your dog to play with it.

The materials should be safe for your dog. Get ones that are sturdy enough to endure the punishment from your dog’s chewing ability.

Car Accessories

Another essential no Rx dog supplies is car accessories. Dogs with mobility issues may need pet ramps of the right size to help them get into your car. It should be easy to store and folds easily for convenience.

Seat extenders and booster seats are essential if you want to keep smaller dogs in the back seat. Booster seat should have safety harnesses and it should be tall enough to allow smaller dogs to get a good view out the window. On the other hand, seat extenders allow your pooch to lie down at the back without hogging all the space.


Harnesses for your canine pets are another no Rx dog supplies that you shouldn’t go without. It should be easy to loosen or tighten. Of course, it should be the right fit given the size of your furry friend. The clips should also be tough enough so that they don’t break when your doggie tugs at it.

Orthopedic Beds

This is one of the supplies for older dogs. It allows your old friend to lie down comfortably providing enough support where it is needed. Mind those aching joints. It should also be waterproof, well, you know older dogs tend to have more accidents and they may not be able to make it out the door in time when they have to go.

Doggie Shoes

Doggie shoes become important during the cold winter months. You will also need them in case you want to bring your dog along when you hike in trails. They provide doggie feet with extra grip and also protection from the elements. Your pooch will get used to wearing these things in time.

Crates and Crate Accessories

Apart from the crate where your dog can sleep in safety, you will also need crate accessories like food bowls, crate covers, pads, and matting. These things should snap in place so your furry pal doesn’t knock them around.

Shampoos, Soap, and Hygiene Supplies

These are must-haves even if you take your dog to the groomer every now and then. You should make sure that the soaps and shampoos you buy are organic—you know how dogs like to lick. Make sure that the hygiene supplies you purchase don’t contain things your dog is allergic to.

Different dogs have different needs, and that means you need to pick your supplies in a smart way. Each set of accessories and essentials should be custom tailored to your dog’s specific needs.

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