Hospitality businesses have to face a great deal of challenges in order to keep their business running. The competition in this industry is extremely fierce, and businesses have to constantly improve their services to retain their customers. While profit margins in this field are extremely high, there are a lot of challenges that they have to face. Word spreads very quickly in the hospitality sector, so if a restaurant or a hotel doesn’t pay attention to the food that they serve or the quality of service that they offer, the customers won’t take long to write a negative review about the business.

One bad review can affect the potential revenue of the business by a significant margin. With so many platforms and forums for people to write their opinions, it’s very important that businesses pay close attention to the services they offer. If you have just started a restaurant or a hotel, you are going to face a lot of hurdles in the beginning.

The goodwill of your business plays a very important role in how your business operates. If your hotel is constantly getting positive reviews on the web, the number of guests will automatically increase. As the manager of a hotel, it’s important that you focus on every aspect of your business.

Expense of Quality Laundry

Laundry is a very important department in hotels. Apart from the clothes sent in by your guests for laundry, you will also need dry cleaning services for washing all of the linen in the hotel. Bed sheets, pillow covers, serviettes, tablecloths, and napkins are just some of the many different linen products that are used in hotels.
Washing the linen in your own establishment is not exactly a wise business decision. Small hotels usually have limited resources. With limited finances, it’s going to be difficult for you to provide the same standard of service that guests are accustomed to in bigger hotels.

If you decide to set up an in-house laundry department, you will end up spending a greater amount of money on a regular basis. Your company’s operating expenditure will increase sharply, and your business will also suffer. Naturally, your monthly profitability will fall as well.

Finding the Right Alternative

As a result of choosing in-house laundry services, most small businesses are left with only a few options. On the other hand, you can sign a contract with a local dry cleaning service provider for all your daily washing needs. Independent dry cleaning retailers and companies usually charge a pretty high fee for their services, however. Most hotels and businesses operating in the hospitality sector can’t afford to spend this much money on simply getting their linen products washed.

On the other hand, you can choose a commercial laundry service for your needs. For starters, the Stalbridge Linen commercial laundry services are one of the most reputable commercial laundry services in the industry. If you are looking for a reliable laundry service provider that provides daily cleaning and washing services, their service is one of the best in the business.

Why Hire a Commercial Laundry Service?

There are many different reasons as to why you should hire a commercial laundry service rather than set up a laundry department in-house by yourself. The main reason for this is because a laundry service is going to be much cheaper. You will only have to pay for the clothes that are sent in for cleaning, however, if you decide to set up a laundry department in-house, you are going to incur a considerable amount of expenditure. You will need to hire new employees, purchase the equipment for cleaning and also purchase the right machinery that’s required for dry cleaning.

Most small businesses operating in the hospitality sector cannot afford to spend this much money on setting up separate departments. Rather than spend such a large amount of capital on setting up a laundry department, you can instead reinvest the money into your core business offering. Because the opportunity cost is too high, it’s really not a good move in business terms.

Another key reason why you should hire a commercial laundry service is because they have the equipment, experience, and expertise to wash and clean clothes and linen products in the best possible way. Even though you will have to pay a small fee, you can at least rest assured that the cleaned clothes are going to be fresh, properly ironed and free of stains. Most companies that offer a commercial laundry service understand the importance of keeping in touch with their clients. In case the clothes aren’t properly cleaned, customers aren’t going to be satisfied; if a guest is willing to pay such a high premium to stay in your establishment, they will obviously expect the very best service.

How to Rent a Laundry Service

As a prudent business owner, it’s important that you make such big decisions with a lot of patience. Before you rush into signing a contract with any company, you need to take your time and consider the options available to you. Create a shortlist of local businesses within the area that offer laundry services. Then, you can request quotes from each company about how much it would cost to get clothes of different types cleaned through the business.

The last thing that you want is to sign a long-term contract with a business that doesn’t offer a very high standard of service. Before signing up with any business, it’s highly recommended that you test them out with a trial run. Send your hotel’s daily laundry to the company’s offices and then check the cleaned clothes carefully to ensure that they are free of stains.

Most businesses that offer a commercial laundry service also provide pickup and delivery services. The company will send over a delivery van to your place of business at a specific time during the day and pick up all the dirty clothes, and provide freshly cleaned clothes at the same time.

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