With numerous activities people can opt for if they have a pickup truck, have led to the rise of more people interested in this type of vehicle and purchase one from the Boone Chevrolet dealership. The new 2020 Silverado 3500 HD is one of the most sold pickup trucks from this brand due to multiple reasons like massive payload capacity, diesel powertrain, trailer assistance features, and more. 

If you are looking for reasons as to why buy this vehicle, simply go through the list of specs below. 

New aspects of the truck

The 3500 HD 2020 version comes with a completed change and has made it a powerful hauler. It comes with an upgraded powertrain, higher towing capability, stronger chassis, new and advanced tech features. Moreover, the new Silverado 3500 HD version also has quite a bolder exterior design along with redesigned interior and additional space for passengers. 

Standard and optional engine 

The 3500 HD comes with a standard V8 6.6L, gas-powered engine that produces horsepower of 401 and torque of 464 lb-ft. It is also paired with automatic 6-speed transmission for an ideal performance. However, people who want more power under the hood of their truck can choose the option V8 6.6L, Duramax diesel engine that mates to an automatic 10-speed Allison transmission; this engine generates massive horsepower of 445 and whopping torque of 910 lb-ft. 

The gas engine and automatic 6-speed transmission bonds well and offers more than enough to control truck’s speed; an essential trait for the times when one tows on steep  areas. However, if an individual requires towing heavy loads daily, then Duramax engine would be an ideal choice for him/her. Its colossal power and effortless response from transmission offers extra security and confidence. 

This is a heavy duty truck and its towing rating includes 17,400 pounds for the gas-powered option. The diesel trim can tow a maximum of 35,500 pounds. Also, regular Silverado 3500 HD cab with rear-dual-wheel axle can carry payload of 7,442 pounds. 

Models and prices 

There are 5 different versions available when it comes to Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD. The base model is work truck that is going to cost an individual a sum of $33,853. The LT and Custom models are priced at $37,163 and $38,489 respectively. The high tier trims include LTZ at $47,178 and High Country at $58,784. 

Irrespective of how what type of truck one requires, Silverado 3500 HD can fulfill that requirement. Also, its diversity is what makes it difficult to suggest any one trim. Every trim is created for a specific mode of activity. Hence, if one wants to use it as a family truck and more, then opting for the High Country would be the best choice. More suggestions can be offered by Boone Chevrolet dealer

So, all you need is to simply book an appointment and visit a dealership as soon as possible. Choose the trim that fulfills your set of requirements and take one home to have the best truck in your garage. 

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