Jeffrey Breault is a car racing enthusiast in the USA and currently is the Vice President of Carey, Thomas, Hoover & Breault Brokerage firm in Wichita. He loves cars, and when it comes to racing events, he never misses them. When he is not engaged in his passion for automobile racing, he loves to listen to country music in his spare time. When it comes to automotive racing on the track, there is a lot of thrills and excitement involved. However, professional drivers in order to drive fast should never forget the safety techniques they should embrace. Here, the focus should never be driving the car as fast as you can- it should be driving the car as smoothly as you can!

The right way of car racing on a track

Jeff Breault says that through car racing looks easy; it can be difficult if you are not aware of the right techniques. There is a common misconception that driving a racing car is like a regular car. Experts in the field say this is not true. Both cars have different mechanics and so merely exerting pressure on the pedal of the vehicle will not make the car go fast. The way you drive the car depends upon your levels of experience as a car racer. The higher the experience, the smoother will be your car movements across the tracks. Newcomers in the field should pay attention to their seniors when it comes to navigation and movement. The key here is never to upset the balance of the vehicle so that it turns over and causes an accident.

A good driver focuses on the car and not speed

Contrary to popular belief, a good professional driver will always focus on the movements of the car and not the speed of the vehicle. Experts say you should drive the car at a specific length and distance – this helps you to navigate the car smoothly. The steering of the wheel should be held in accurate positions so that it is simple for you to glide with the car on the track. The best steering positions for your car are the 3 o’clock and nine o clock positions as they generate real smooth movements of the car without hassles. Experts say that when you are racing a car on the track, it takes a lot of time and practice for you to excel in the above. This is why they suggest you should train with some of the best car racing professionals in the region where you stay. Having knowledge about cars and their mechanics largely help you to excel in the field of car racing.  

Jeffrey Breault sums up by saying that when you are racing a car on the track, you should apply the brakes late, wait for at least one to two seconds before you apply the brake of your car. If you are not careful, applying the brakes too soon will cause the car to overturn, and you will suffer injuries if not careful!

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