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The business world is changing, with many opting to downsize in terms of their office space while others are growing at such a rate that the office floor plan can barely keep up with new hires.

And while every business is different in terms of its in-office requirements and preferences, one thing remains certain – moving offices is an arduous and often overwhelming task.

From the transportation of desks and office chairs to the fragility of complex networks and business systems, and the daunting task of setting everything back up without impacting the productivity of the business, moving your business and office is a task that requires specialist support and expertise.

That’s why, for many businesses in and around London, moving office premises means calling in a haulage company in London.

What Does A Haulage Company Do?

With a range of modern vehicles is our disposal, here at Hammond Transport we are one of the leading transport companies in London – providing services to every kind of client, from regular bookings to one-off moves and everything in between.

Often overlooked for simply being too large and inflexible for the job, a professional haulage company brings the kind of expertise and finesse that clients often don’t expect – with our team able to maneuver into the tightest of spaces, around the sharpest of corners, and through the narrowest of streets.

In addition to the skills with which we approach and complete each journey when you partner with a haulage company you benefit from the large transport space which can hold and transport all your warehouse storage, office furniture and equipment in one go – minimizing disruption and supporting a smoother move.

And that’s not all. With endless office moves and relocation projects under our belt, we are not short on tips and hacks from inside the world of business moves…

Tips For Ensuring A Smooth Office Move / Relocation

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years on the job, it’s that the best relocations are headed up by a project manager who knows what’s going on, has a plan for moving day, and is able to liaise with both the team and the haulage company.

Communication is key, with our recommendation being to have members of your office team at both the old and the new location to pack up and then receive your transported goods and equipment.

While a haulage company can take on much of the heavy lifting and logistics of moving, assigning tasks to your team members will give everyone a job and something to focus on. And finally, to help manage expectations of your clients and/or customers during moving day, why not consider setting an out of office stating you’re relocating and will get back to them as soon as possible?

For more information on how we can help to support your company move, get in touch directly.

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