Audi – the name speaks volume in the automobile industry. Their new model TT/TTS 2020 version comes with some changes to enhance its performance as well as ensure that its look is improved. Both the models have added vehicle immobilizer along with motion sensor and anti-theft alarm. Also, now 20-inch wheel is available and a new color included is Pulse Orange. To book o0ne one can simply visit car dealerships in Bakersfield

Engine power and performance 

The 2020 TT version is fitted with four-cylinder 2L turbocharged engine which produces horsepower of 228 and torque of 258 pound feet. The 2020 TTS model is equipped with boosted version of TT’s engine. It is tuned for generating 288 horsepower and torque of 280 lb-ft. 

Both variants are paired with dual clutch 7-speed automatic transmission with AWD Quattro. Either of the models will offer responsive handling and supple driving experience. These cars provide performance which makes even the trite commuting fun. 

Both options of TT versions are fuel efficient and provide mileage of 23 when in city and 31 when driving on highway; combined mileage is 27 mpg. The TTS also offers ample mileage of 23 in city and 29 on highway. Hence, this makes Audi’s TT and TTS more fuel efficient that its sports car rivals. 

Pricing and models 

Audi offers TT in two variants and then there is TTS. The TT coupe is available at $46,495 and TT roadster costs $49,995. The TTS model is priced at $54,495. Most buyers opt for the TT coupe; however, people who want maximum driving pleasure and excitement should go for the TTS as it has beefed up engine. 

TT coupe comes with 18-inch wheels and exterior standard features include LED automatic headlights, rear and front fog lights, power adjustable heated side-view mirrors, windshield wipers with rain sensing technology, etc. To know more about standard features and additional packages one can simply walk into a Kern County car dealer

Connectivity and infotainment 

Both the TTS and TT, comes equipped with upgraded tech features. Standard options include satellite radio Sirius XM and audio system with 9 speakers. Also, audio system has option for CD playing along with SD card reader slots, along with USB connectivity. Also, people can stream music using Bluetooth. 

Option features include navigation system, smartphone integration Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc.

Spacious interior and more

Both TTS and TT offer cabins which are contemporary and gracefully designed with high-quality materials. Comfortable front seats and four people can sit in this car easily. The convertible option comes with a cargo space of 7.5 cubic feet while the coupe’s cargo capacity is 12 cubic feet. 

These are some of the advanced features which are mentioned in this article. You can know more about TT and TTS sports car by simply taking a test drive from your nearest Audi dealership. Driving TT or TTS will offer sheer pleasure and make even the most boring journeys quite thrilling and exciting for all.

So, get yours today!

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