How 2021 Mazda Miata Still Attracts Attention Of People?

A sports car always comes with an attractive design that acquires the attention of potential buyers. When talking about sports car, 2021 Mazda Miata has a way that is still appealing to people. From its exterior styling to interior design, it is a car without any flaw; this is why Mazda Miata still attracts people’s attention. However, knowing about it would be a good idea before you decide you want it and step into a showroom of Mazda dealer Scottsdale

Exterior design and interior styling 

The first thing one should know about Miata is that it is available in a soft roof top as well as hard roof top; depending on one’s choice. The sturdy body and remarkable aerodynamics ensures that Miata catches the eye of people passing by it. Also, this sports car is available in several colors that make it look like a luxurious sports vehicle. 

Interior design is a two-seat layout where two adults can sit quite comfortably. The entire position of the dashboard, design and other aspects like steering wheel, pedals, shifter, etc. is quite basic but still comes with a sophisticated aesthetics to charm any individual. 

Trunk space is similar to its rival sports cars and few storage cubbies are present to ensure that a person has enough required space. Light packing will enable two people to put carry-ons on the trunk for a weekend trip or so. 

Also, for infotainment people can use the infotainment touchscreen that can be used by a control knob and buttons along with touchscreen option. Also, Bluetooth is standard; however, additional features like smartphone integration, HD radio, navigation, etc. are standard for high-end trims. 

Powertrain available 

It’s a sports car; hence, the powertrain is beyond something you can expect. It is equipped with four-cylinder 2L engine that gets 181 horsepower. Stirring acceleration is what it delivers as well as manual transmission aids in revving this engine appropriately. However, automatic transmission is also available for people looking to have an option. 5.7 seconds is the time it takes to get from 0 to 60 mph, which is quite quick in this segment. 

Also, every Mazda is known for having a suspension system that helps in providing impressive ride-quality. Responsive to inputs and precise steering, ensures that Mazda Miata is a fun car to drive around whether in city or on highway. More details about powertrains are available when you visit Scottsdale Mazda dealership


If you are looking to buy one then the base model is Sport which will cost you $27,900 approximately. However, if you decide to purchase this vehicle then always opt for Club RF ($34,700 approximately) or Grand Touring RF ($35,600 approx.) irrespective of your choice of roof. 

Through excellent exterior and interior styling along with an impressive powertrain, and reasonably priced trims, 2021 Mazda Miata still attracts the attention of the people, who are sports car enthusiasts. 

If you are looking to get one, it is time you get in touch with a dealership and book on quickly. It is a car that you should drive to experience what other Mazda Miata owners enjoy. 

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